Banking on solar – real returns for business

Banking on solar – real returns for business

Solar energy is fundamental to any sustainable economy. Here at Solgen Energy Group, we want to be part of the conversations that spark change and set your business up to grow, both financially and sustainably.

Purchasing a solar power system is like putting money in the bank – you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible return on the money you have. Investing in solar power for small business can bring annual returns well in excess of 20 per cent. That’s an outstanding result compared to cash rates that fall around 2.5 per cent. Returns are based on savings that solar brings by delivering power to your business from the sun rather than drawing it from the grid.

It’s not surprising that when the owners of Kilburney Farm in NSW, were looking for ways to improve their bottom line they identified solar power as a great investment for their business. Solgen Energy Group designed and installed a 100 kilowatt solar power system which will deliver significant cash savings each year representing a strong return on funds.

The custom solar solution was designed to produce a highly efficient energy generation system that required minimal maintenance. The install was complete around the fully operational chicken farm, existing structures and without impact on the land, and is set to reduce the business’s yearly energy costs. Solar delivers power exactly where and when they need it.

Solgen Energy Group Executive General Manager David Naismith said that similar to many businesses, farms generally consume most of their power during expensive day-time periods. This consumption profile fits into solar peak output periods. In these situations, the returns from an investment in solar are outstanding.

“The strength of returns and reliability of solar generation year-on-year means that we can offer solutions to businesses that deliver positive cash flow from day-one without any upfront cash requirement.”

To find out how Solgen Energy Group can provide cost-effective, environmentally sustainable power for your organisation, contact us the number below or sales@solgen.com.au

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