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Solgen panels the pathway to La Trobe University’s ‘net zero’ ambition

In the latter half of 2019, La Trobe University (La Trobe), Victoria’s only state-wide university, set itself the ambitious goal of achieving ‘net zero’ emissions by 2029. What is more, La Trobe didn’t want to just buy its goal with emissions credits or sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), La Trobe wanted to walk the […]

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Retail connects with renewables

Australia’s energy future is currently challenged with uncertainties across supply and government policy which is driving energy prices to record levels. With the rise of renewable energy, businesses are now provided with new options for energy supply. With the roll-out rate for solar panels almost doubling over the past year as more commercial property landlords […]

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Banking on solar – real returns for business

Solar energy is fundamental to any sustainable economy. Here at Solgen Energy Group, we want to be part of the conversations that spark change and set your business up to grow, both financially and sustainably. Purchasing a solar power system is like putting money in the bank – you want to be sure you’re getting […]

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Affordable clean energy for your business

It is not surprising that the volume of solar in businesses is increasing as a result of systems providing strong financial returns. Capex is no longer a barrier to gaining the benefits of solar power for businesses across Australia. As well as saving a significant amount of money that can be used towards other initiatives and […]

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Small business solar projects soar before benefit drops

A record number of businesses across Australia have purchased solar power systems in the last three months according to Clean Energy Regulator data. We anticipate that this is a result of reduced financial incentives from 1 January 2017 and the substantial cash savings a solar power system can deliver to business. As legislated financial incentives decrease each […]

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Solgen Energy to install a 18kW system at Microsolve in Wollongong NSW

Microsolve has appointed Solgen Energy to install a 18kW solar power system at its Wollongong premises. This commercial solar power system will generate 26MWh of sun powered electricity for the IT business. It will also offset more than 18 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum. The agreement includes the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of […]

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Solgen Energy to install 35kW solar power system on Sydney Harbour YHA Hostel, The Rocks NSW

Situated on the beautiful harbour side precinct, The Rocks, Sydney Harbour YHA has recently appointed Solgen Energy to design and install a 35kW solar panel system. As a business, YHA Sydney Harbour are committed to reducing their environmental footprint through heritage conservation and putting in place environmentally sustainable practices and services. Their current energy and […]

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Solgen Energy to Install a 100kW system at SlumberCorp’s Northern Territory facility

SlumberCorp has contracted Solgen Energy to install a 100kW commercial solar power system at their Darwin warehouse and manufacturing facility. SlumberCorp began operation in 1996 with the aim of offering a more personalised service that went above and beyond any other bedding manufacturer in Australia. With the first-in-class customer service ethos, the proudly Australian owned […]

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