Retail connects with renewables

Australia’s energy future is currently challenged with uncertainties across supply and government policy which is driving energy prices to record levels. With the rise of renewable energy, businesses are now provided with new options for energy sup

Four reasons to invest in solar now

With current and forecast increases in the price of conventional electricity and growing concern over the instability of the electricity market, many businesses are in unchartered waters when dealing with their energy requirements moving forward and

Australia’s Soaring Energy Prices and the Future for Businesses

In its recent Electricity Forecasting Insights, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has forecast electricity consumption rates to remain flat, despite a projected 30% increase in population. AEMO points to the uptake in distributed solar gen

New study by ARENA suggests “many corporates are out of step with what consumers want” when it comes to renewables.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) recently reported that 8 out of 10 Australian consumers believe big business should be using more renewable energy. In addition, the report states that more than three-quarters of consumers said they would c

Industry switching on to solar

Falling costs and improved technology are making solar an appealing energy option for business.  Originally published in the Australian Financial Review. Last year, when Adelaide Airport won recognition for its efforts to manage carbon emissio

Green light your business

As businesses around Australia devise new approaches to reduce their operating costs while simultaneously generating business; we highlight how solar energy will do both and give you a standout reason to make the switch. Business owners are educat

Banking on solar – real returns for business

Solar energy is fundamental to any sustainable economy. Here at Solgen Energy Group, we want to be part of the conversations that spark change and set your business up to grow, both financially and sustainably. Purchasing a solar power system is l

Affordable clean energy for your business

It is not surprising that the volume of solar in businesses is increasing as a result of systems providing strong financial returns. Capex is no longer a barrier to gaining the benefits of solar power for businesses across Australia. As well as savi

Small business solar projects soar before benefit drops

A record number of businesses across Australia have purchased solar power systems in the last three months according to Clean Energy Regulator data. We anticipate that this is a result of reduced financial incentives from 1 January 2017 and the s

Solgen Energy to install a 18kWsystem at Microsolve in Wollongong NSW

Microsolve has appointed Solgen Energy to install a 18kW solar power system at its Wollongong premises. This commercial solar power system will generate 26MWh of sun powered electricity for the IT business. It will also offset more than 18 tonne

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