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Antonio Park Primary School powers up with solar panels

Victoria’s Antonio Park Primary School students are seeing green with a new solar panel power system becoming the latest addition to the school’s environmentally friendly facilities. The state-of-the-art system donated by Solgen Energy Group has been officially unveiled after innovative grade 5 student Olivia Murley won the 2016 Brickworks Living Building Challenge’s design competition for […]

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Change for a brighter future

Education facilities are hubs for experimentation, advancement and pushing social change. Operating during the day, your school can benefit from energy production, reduce its carbon consumption and save a significant amount of money. As well as financial benefits, switching to solar power provides a cultural shift in the way students think about their carbon consumption, […]

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Industry switching on to solar

Falling costs and improved technology are making solar an appealing energy option for business.  Originally published in the Australian Financial Review. Last year, when Adelaide Airport won recognition for its efforts to manage carbon emissions, it decided to build further on that reputation. It came up with the idea to expand its solar-power generation from […]

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Meeting today’s engineering students

A group of Solgen engineers attended the 2016 UNSW Renewable Energy & Mechanical Engineering Student Meet Industry Night to rub shoulders with the brightest solar engineering students. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has been leading the charge in solar energy technology at the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics. In 2014 they set the […]

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Solgen Energy to install a 50kW of solar power at the regional Walgett Community College Primary School

Solgen Energy have been awarded the 50kW solar power installation at the regional Walgett Community College Primary School. The construction of the solar power system is scheduled to begin in May 2016. The agreement includes the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of the solar power system.

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Mater Dei’s 151kW solar project – one year on

In Q1 of 2015, Solgen Energy installed a 151kW solar power systems at the Mater Dei School in Camden. This school provides vital therapy services to its students with developmental and intellectual disabilities, instilling confidence and providing them with key life skills. When the bills to power their hydrotherapy pool began adding up, Mater Dei […]

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UNSW Sunswift team take fourth place at Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

The Solgen Energy sponsored student team recently took 4th place at the BWSC in October. We invited them along to our head office, to talk us through the experience of competing there, some of the challenges they faced and what lies in store for the accomplished team. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Established in 1987, […]

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North Sydney Demonstration School appoints Solgen Energy to solar system

In November 2015, North Sydney Demonstration School appointed Solgen Energy to install 21kW of solar power across three buildings. This expansion of the 2009 solar power system, also installed by Solgen Energy as part of the 5MW National Solar Schools Program project, will bring the school’s total solar power capacity to 23kW. The agreement includes […]

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