Catholic Education Office awards Solgen Energy Group with 1.2 megawatt solar roll-out

Catholic Education Office awards Solgen Energy Group with 1.2 megawatt solar roll-out

The Northern Territory’s Catholic Education Office is committed to providing the highest quality education for students attending Catholic schools. As such they provide a range of services working closely in partnership with schools, parishes, school boards, teachers and parents to enhance the quality of education available to students. They recently released a public tender for the implementation of Solar PV systems across a range of schools including their five Indigenous Catholic Community Schools where more than 1,000 Indigenous students are enrolled. This roll out is right across the state including Alice Springs, Katherine and Darwin and will give students the opportunity to learn and see an operational solar system while providing these schools with clean energy for years to come.

Solgen Energy Group has been awarded this Solar Project covering 19 sites including the Chancery of the Diocese, the Catholic Education Office building and 17 primary and secondary schools. The project will see close to 1.2MW of solar power installed across the sites with the potential to generate 2138MWh of electricity annually to reduce their grid-electricity consumption significantly.

The installation commenced in November 2017 and is expected to be completed by March 2018. With a relatively quick turnaround particularly during the busy holiday season our installation team are now busy at work travelling across the state to install these systems as quickly but with as little disruption to the school’s operations as possible.

To find out how Solgen Energy Group can provide cost-effective, environmentally sustainable power for your organisation, contact us on 1300 660 704 or info@solgen.com.au

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