Change for a brighter future

Change for a brighter future

Education facilities are hubs for experimentation, advancement and pushing social change. Operating during the day, your school can benefit from energy production, reduce its carbon consumption and save a significant amount of money.

As well as financial benefits, switching to solar power provides a cultural shift in the way students think about their carbon consumption, the importance of natural resources and sparks curiosity about how renewable energy works.

Educate our future

Schools are the platform to Australia’s future, as is renewable energy. Having a rooftop solar power installation at a school can provide a myriad of educational opportunities to stimulate learning and student understanding of how solar works and how it contributes towards saving the environment.

We’ve delivered solar power projects on close to 1,000 schools, the University of Sydney Abercrombie Precinct, University of Queensland and various TAFE Colleges across the country and with that we’ve crafted educational solar lessons, on-going activities to coincide with their solar power installation and instructed teachers on how the technology can be used as a teaching tool for subjects such as science, technology, engineering and math.

Raising awareness

A solar power installation can also be used as a talking point to raise environmental awareness amongst students, provides a better understands the importance of using renewable energy to help mitigate climate change, reduce pollution levels and relieve the pressure on our planet that results from using limited resources such as fossil fuels.

It can also be used to raise awareness about electricity use in general and spark interest amongst the student population to become energy efficient – a skill that will likely spill over into home life as well.

Community participation

Installing solar panels on a school roof can be big and fascinating project that will raise awareness about energy issues within the community. With any luck, this will spark discussion about renewable energy sources, climate change and environmental issues, and even spurring solar power usage in other areas of the community.

Support Australia’s solar industry

Solar power installations at educational facilities also help support Australia’s burgeoning solar industry. With the amazing renewable resources that Australia has on hand, this is an industry that we want to nurture. For many in school right now, their future jobs will be generated by a strong, world-class solar and renewables industry.

Now is the time to reassess your energy production and change for a brighter future; the advantages are endless.

To find out how Solgen Energy Group can provide cost-effective, environmentally sustainable power to your school and add solar value to your classroom learning, contact us on 1300 660 704 or sales@solgen.com.au

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