City of Melbourne launches rooftop project

City of Melbourne launches rooftop project

With the Paris climate talks coming up in December, climate change and renewable energy targets (RET) are on everyone’s mind.

The City of Melbourne realised the potential for rooftop solar in meeting the city’s 2018 25% RET, and launched the Rooftop Project on Tuesday 10th November.

This service has mapped the entire municipality’s rooftop space, outlining rooftops with existing solar power, cool roofs and green roofs, and the potential to house 637 hectares of solar panels.

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, said the Rooftop Project involved analysing aerial photographs to understand where rooftops could be transformed using solar panels, reflective materials, or vegetation. “There is so much potential right above us.

Rooftops in central Melbourne make up 880 hectares of space, which is more than five times the size of Melbourne’s largest park, Royal Park,” the Lord Mayor said.

Most of these rooftops are used only to store heating and cooling equipment. We could set them up to generate clean energy, increase property values and cool temperatures within the city.

The Rooftop Project outlines the larger commercial and industrial properties outside Melbourne CBD have enormous potential to store rooftop solar panels.

Councillor Arron Wood, Chair of the City of Melbourne’s Environment Portfolio, Arron Wood, encouraged residents and business owners to look at the maps and consider whether their roof could be used to help them save on energy bills and help the environment.

Our research shows that solar panels could be installed on 637 hectares of rooftops – that’s three times the size of the Hoddle Grid*. These households and businesses could be making use of the sunlight that falls on their roofs by installing solar,” Wood said.

We want to work with the community to help reduce power bills and increase employment within the renewable energy sector. Rooftop solar will play an important part in helping us to reach our target of sourcing 25 per cent of the municipality’s electricity from renewable energy by 2018.”

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Click here to view the City of Melbourne’s Rooftop Project.

Click here to view the full media release from City of Melbourne.

*The Hoddle Grid is 1.6kn x 0.8km or 1,280,000 m2


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