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With national energy costs continuing to skyrocket, it’s no surprise that more Australian businesses are choosing to invest in renewable energy solutions. This investment not only helps to reduce their operational costs, it also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability that is highly valued by the general public and other stakeholders. At Solgen, we’ve spent more than a decade providing high-quality and affordable commercial solar panel installation for single and multi-site businesses all around Australia. Our highly experienced team of engineers and technicians deliver our clients with state of the art, end-to-end commercial solar power systems that make a huge difference to the running of their business.

commercial solar panel installation

How will my business benefit by investing in commercial solar installation?

Discover why this renewable energy solution is being adopted at an increasing rate

1. Direct access to an abundant source of clean energy

By investing in a commercial solar installation, you will be able to power your business with the totally free, clean and abundant energy of the sun. This means you can reduce your dependence on power companies and generate a large portion what you need in-house without creating any waste or carbon emissions.

2. Additional source of revenue

An added bonus that many people forget about is that any surplus power your commercial solar panels generate can be sold back to energy companies. This can give your business a nice extra source of revenue as well as ensuring you get a maximum return on your investment.

3. Public relations boost

A tangential benefit of any investment in renewable energy solutions is that the wider public and industry peers will see your business in a positive light because of your commitment to fighting climate change. This can obviously be leveraged in marketing material for your business and displayed prominently on your website.

Why work with Solgen?

Learn why we are the best commercial solar panel installation providers in Australia

  • Technical expertise
  • Unrivalled industry experience
  • Scalable future-proofing
  • Turnkey solutions

At Solgen we have worked hard to create the most streamlined and comprehensive process for commercial solar panel installation available to Australian businesses. We know that this kind of investment is a significant step for your company, so we have made the process of planning and executing your project as easy-to-follow as possible. Our commitment is to lead Australia’s transition to decentralised energy and help businesses unlock opportunities that are scalable long into the future. We are all about positive, progressive changes that enhance Australian businesses and bring them forward into a more sustainable future. Rather than fall behind and become a victim of the changing energy market, Solgen encourages businesses to work with us to get ahead and take advantage of the opportunities renewable energy provides. Take a look at some of the commercial solar installation projects we have worked on for our clients and see exactly how we achieved an optimal renewable energy solution that blends seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

commercial solar installation

Our 6-stage process

Find out how we deliver scalable commercial solar power systems for our clients

1. Feasibility

We examine the feasibility of the proposed project based on both financial and non-financial outcomes for your business. We use highly accurate forecasting to give you a clear picture of what impact this investment will have for both the short and long term.

2. Design and Engineering

Our highly-skilled in-house design team uses advanced 3D modelling software and other tools to design a commercial solar power system that’s entirely unique to the needs of your site or sites. The goal is always to position the panels in the most optimal position for maximum daylight exposure while also blending into the existing infrastructure of your site.

3. Project Management

We work hard to exceed client expectations through the diligent work of our in-house project management team. We know your satisfaction with our service depends just as much on the little things as the big ones, so we put a strong emphasis on clear communication and a transparent approach that creates real value.

4. Construction

Our multi-disciplinary approach to site delivery ensures we always keep the promises we make when it comes to timeframes and outcomes. With the support of leading construction platform Procore, our on-site team ensures that your project is built to exact specifications with as little site disruption as possible.

5. Financing Solutions

With over 10 years of experience leading Australia’s commercial solar panel installation industry, Solgen understands how to deliver excellent financing solutions to our clients. By gathering insight into your underlying energy needs, we can provide a sustainable alternative that will generate immediate returns on your investment.

6. Operations and Maintenance

Lastly, our end-to-end service means that you get full access to world-class support from our in-house team for the entire lifecycle of your new commercial solar power system. Combine this with our online diagnostics software and you will get unrivalled insight into the ongoing performance of your panels.

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