Harvesting the power of the sun

High electricity prices in large industrial facilities reduce the productivity of the Australian manufacturing and agricultural sector. Using industrial solar power to reduce costs of electricity is commonly done with the electricity grid as backup. In order to deliver cheap electricity in remote areas, Solgen Energy Group offers solutions specifically designed for the manufacturing and agricultural sector to help in the reduction of energy costs.

Solar power generation

The obvious and practical use of solar power generation is to offset the electrical power used by the facilities for various tasks from lighting through to powering machinery. Recently chicken producers discovered that solar PV helps to reduce their overall energy costs for a minimal outlay. The returns and benefits of such an investment are clear for all to see especially where margins are traditionally narrow.  Farm buildings, with their large roof spaces, are ideal for the placement of big solar pv arrays and can generate quality usable power for the farm.  We provide a full design and consultation service so you’ll know exactly what to expect in both generation and returns on investment.

Irrigation solar pumping

Both on and off-grid irrigators can now utilise energy from the sun by installing our new solar photovoltaic (PV) and hybrid solution, specifically designed to cater for pump requirements. Pumps for irrigation purposes are often located in areas with high and unreliable prices for both diesel fuel and electricity from the network. Investing in agriculture solar pumping will not only reduce pumping costs but also create price security for the future as a solar power system lifetime can provide low-cost energy for more than 25 years.

A hybrid system utilises the best of both generation technologies to ensure high availability and low cost electricity. With a smart regulator system to control the generator outputs, the system is able to deliver scheduled generation from the most financially beneficial generation mix.

Using solar power to offset diesel generation or high electricity costs from the electricity network creates attractive payback times while maintaining stable output. Complementing solar PV with backup diesel generation creates the following main advantages:

  • Flexible operation times;
  • Energy security for times when water requirement is critical;
  • Financial safety for future fluctuation in electricity/diesel prices; and
  • Reduce carbon footprint.

Solgen focuses on reducing the cost of electricity in the most cost effective way. Along with selected partners we have the capability to offer a tailored solution to each of our clients.


Our Industrial Solar Projects

Our Approach to Designing and Installing a Solar System for your Business:

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    First we consider the site’s grid electricity consumption and physical aspects of the property including solar power production potential.

  • step02-2


    Our in-house photovoltaic engineers design the solar system to suit the physical constraints of the site and maximise solar electricity production to optimise financial returns.

  • step03


    We manage all projects from start to finish. This includes approvals, construction, training and O&M.

  • step04


    We manage applications for relevant government incentives and solar feed-in tariffs.

  • step05


    We operate, maintain and monitor your solar power system to ensure it reaches its peak performance.



    Enabling solar power

    Our client’s vary in size, motivation and industry but a common thread is the steadfast process we apply to every project. This plan is simple and transparent and ensures everyone is well-informed during the whole project. When we do this, we achieve real value for our clients – whether it’s through financial returns, meeting a sustainability target or maximising solar power yields.



    Solutions to finance

    Capex is no longer a barrier to gaining the benefits of solar power for your business. Our flexible finance options can deliver savings from day one with zero upfront costs. Our in-house experts will meet your needs with tailored finance options from Australia’s leading financial institutions.


    We work with some of Australia's most trusted brands and businesses

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