Hybrid solar systems to power remote and regional areas

Hybrid solar systems to power remote and regional areas

Diesel Hybrid Solar Systems can provide a cost-effective and reliable supplemental power source in remote and regional areas where diesel generators are currently in use. Hybrid Solar Power Systems can offset expensive diesel power generation using green energy solar photovoltaic system. Solgen Energy designs Regional Solar and Remote Solar Power Systems that interact seamlessly with diesel generators and can be used with or without battery storage.

Two factors have given way to Diesel Hybrid Solar Power Systems now being more cost effective than diesel, they include:

1. The steady increase of diesel fuel; and
2. The rapid fall in the cost of solar power plants.

Today in most situations it is cheaper to install a Hybrid Solar System (without storage) than to use diesel generators.

The Hybrid Solar Power System ensures that operation takes place during the optimal operating point of the diesel generator, thus providing for efficient fuel consumption. With a low consumption load and high PV feed-in, the diesel hybrid system secures grid stability and thus a reliable supply of energy. Through its independent control concept it can be easily integrated into energy supply structures of existing diesel generators.

Solgen Energy has executed mega-watts of installations in remote areas NSW and the Northern Territory. To request an obligation free proposal for a Solar Diesel Hybrid System simply complete our Contact Us form.

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