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Finance For Solar Power


With over a decade of experience in the solar industry, Solgen Energy Group has unparalleled access to financing solutions that can be tailored to your requirements. As pioneers in solar and storage technologies, we established Australia’s first commercial Power Purchase Agreement and remain at the forefront of creating innovative and highly cost-effective financing solutions. Our approach to delivering financing solutions starts by understanding the client’s underlying cost of electricity. Using alternative energy generation sources, we seek to provide sustainable energy rates that result in returns now and well into the future.

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Because technologies evolve, we partner with our customers to deliver long-term solutions that integrate new technologies as they become cost-effective. For example, a project under Power Purchase Agreement may include the installation of a solar power system today. In 12-months time, the installation may require integration of storage and power factor correction which extends to trading into the wholesale market 18 months later. Our leading monitoring platform provides our team with granular data, pinpointing opportunities to deliver cost-savings and revenue opportunities to our customers. These insights help future-proof energy needs and provide greater long-term economic benefits.



When it comes to paying for a commercial solar system, operating leases are a popular way for businesses to finance small-medium sized commercial solar power projects. Based on a fixed monthly cost over terms of up to 10-years, operating leases offer businesses a straightforward way to take advantage of solar power without a large capital outlay. With over a decade of experience, our team can help you establish the best solar finance opportunities with an instant approval process.

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Power Purchase Agreements

Since delivering Australia’s first Corporate Power Purchase Agreement to a leading Australian winery in 2015, Solgen Energy Group has continued to provide innovative power purchase offerings. Our team designs, builds, operates, finances and maintains the system on a turn-key basis. This means you pay for the power the system produces, rather than buying the system itself. Because there’s no upfront capital outlay, there’s no significant effect on cash flow. Power Purchase Agreements give businesses a low-risk way of integrating solar power into any operation across the following key principles:


No upfront capital outlay

construction tile building

We design and engineer the solar power system for your site

finance dollar loan

We tell you the per kWh rate we can offer or you tell us a rate you’d like to pay


We underwrite your business case with a Performance Guarantee

energy battery power

You can add to the system size or storage

energy sun energy 2

We maintain the system

Our team can adjust the per kWh rate based on the term of the agreement or suggest a residual amount at the termination of the SPP or an upfront capital contribution. Throughout the term of the SPP, Solgen will monitor the performance and maintain the system to ensure it’s delivering as much energy as possible for your business.

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Synthetic Power Purchase Agreement

Synthetic PPA’s enable businesses to access utility-scale solar projects at a defined cost. A Synthetic PPA has all the benefits of a traditional PPA with the added advantage of being able to scale to utility level. Irrespective of whether the project is located on the client’s premises or elsewhere, the client will still have control over the output from the plant under a Synthetic PPA.

When engaging Solgen Energy Group to establish a PPA, our team follow these steps:

  1. 1 We start by establishing the amount of energy needed and agree on a price
  2. 2 We then source a site and take care of all associated applications and agreements to deliver the agreed energy quantity at the agreed rate
  3. 3 We maintain the system to ensure electricity generation is maximised
  4. 4 We provide full access to the site to enable marketing and other initiatives
  5. 5 In the background, we set up agreements with an energy retailer to manage the supply and sale of the generated energy back into the wholesale market.

    As a customer, you receive a separate bill for energy delivered under the PPA at the agreed rate. We have a number of sites under review for the setup of corporate PPA’s.


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