Food production manufacturer powered by solar

Food production manufacturer powered by solar

Food ingredient company, Frutex, has awarded Solgen Energy the tender to design, procure and construct a 200kW solar power plant on its vast Kingsgrove warehouse rooftop.

The solar power plant for the Kingsgrove manufacturer presents some challenges to the construction of the solar power plant, as disruptions to food production, which operate in the sterile conditions, must be eliminated.

Solgen Energy’s photovoltaic engineers tailor the solar power plant design on each project by optimising the size of the system against site constraints, thereby maximising financial returns for the client.

An investment in a Solgen Energy solar power plant delivers strong financial returns and substantial environmental credentials to commercial concerns of manufacturers such as Frutex.

The Frutex solar power plant is anticipated to produce over 300MW of clean energy each year – the equivalent to powering 45 four-person-households – and accounts for 30% of the food business’s electricity needs, saving it $56,000 per year for the first four years, after which the solar power generated from the rooftop will be absolutely free.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of May 2014.

Further information relating to Solgen Energy’s experience can be found in Commercial Solar Systems.

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