Green light your business

Green light your business

As businesses around Australia devise new approaches to reduce their operating costs while simultaneously generating business; we highlight how solar energy will do both and give you a standout reason to make the switch.

Business owners are educating themselves on the benefits of solar and are consciously deciding to invest in renewables. Alongside this interest you’ll find consumers who are doing the same. When a business invests in solar power they obtain green credentials which appeals to the increasing number of environmentally conscious Australian consumers.

“As well as environmental reasons, the volume of solar in businesses is increasing as a result of strong financial returns. Systems can now be financed at zero cost, are generating a positive cash flow from day one and in most cases, small businesses can also apply an immediate $20,000 upfront tax deduction on a solar power system.” said Solgen Energy Group Executive General Manager David Naismith.

Most small businesses have high electricity costs from lighting, cooling or heating systems, cold storage or refrigeration. Solar energy will help reduce these running costs.

Solgen Energy Group offers a range of highly effective finance options for businesses. Whether you’re a small business or large multi-national, Solgen can match your renewable energy solution with an optimal, affordable financial solution.

“The simple and transparent process that Solgen undertakes on all projects is renowned for delivering certainty around financial returns and solar power generation.”

“We work with a diverse range of clients with their own motivations for renewables including environmental and financial reasons. The beauty of solar technology is that it’s scalable which benefits all sized businesses in the retail sector.”

To find out how Solgen Energy Group can provide cost-effective, environmentally sustainable power for your business, contact us on the number below or sales@solgen.com.au

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