How we deliver (Backup)

Turn-key solutions require a multidisciplinary approach. At Solgen Energy Group, our capabilities cover the full life-cycle of solar and energy solutions.

We deliver an end-to-end solution to our clients. Our systems ensure consistency of quality and expertise at every stage of the process. Our experienced team of in-house engineers, project managers, installers and financial experts deliver cost-effective and environmentally sustainable projects for our clients across Australia



We understand that feasibility means different things to different people which is why all Solgen projects start with assessing project feasibility. Through clear and concise communication, we create transparency by providing information across site factors, pricing, forecast returns and buying options upfront. Starting with a site address, we make this process simple and work at a pace which meets your requirements. Through the feasibility stage, access to energy consumption profiles and comparative grid pricing allow us to deliver financial modelling and accurate forecast returns. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation assessment of how Solgen Energy Group can deliver.

Design and Engineering

Solgen Energy Group has developed one of the most highly skilled in-house design and engineering teams in the industry. Over a decade, we’ve honed our design and engineering expertise to optimise commercial energy solutions for our clients. When it comes to engineering, our in-house team design systems that integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure. By leveraging our in-house design and engineering expertise during the delivery process, we create longer-term value-add opportunities through the integration of storage and other technologies. Contact us to find out how our engineering expertise will deliver superior outcomes for your business.


Project management

In our experience, exceeding client expectations comes down to successful project management. Solgen Energy Group’s in-house project management team play a critical role in our delivery model by providing a clear communication channel throughout the project across all stakeholders. Backed by our reputation for excellence, our transparent approach to project management is what helps us achieve real value for our clients – whether it’s through financial returns, meeting a sustainability target or maximising solar power yields. From the design phase right through to handover and maintenance, the buck stops with us.


Operating a multi-disciplinary approach to site delivery across civil, construction and electrical works, our on-site delivery teams ensure we deliver the promises we make to our customers. Supported by ongoing training and project management support, our on-site operations make sure your project is built to specification and gets delivered on-time with minimal site disruption. Through our wholly-owned businesses and access to leading installation teams, Solgen Energy Group can competently deliver medium to large-scale projects through to single or multi-site, small-scale delivery.


Financing Solutions

With over a decade of experience in the solar industry, Solgen Energy Group consistently delivers financing solutions, suited to your project requirements. By understanding your underlying costs, we provide sustainable energy rates which yield immediate returns.



Partnering with Solgen Energy Group lets you access real-time monitoring and alerts, as well as 24/7 support from our in-house technical support team. Using our propriety online diagnostics platform, you can view system performance and monitor output and weather data.

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