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Power prices have been increasing for a while now as uncertainty over the fate of traditional power generation has grown. With increased pressure from various sectors of wider society to make the switch to renewable energy, warehouses and manufacturing centres are investigating ways to get ahead of changing times and bring renewables into their power mix.

As the first and largest provider of industrial solar systems in Australia, we’ve spent more than 10 years providing end-to-end renewable solutions for single and multi-site firms all across the country. Our mix of talented engineers and technicians work hard to deliver our clients with industrial solar power systems that blend seamlessly into existing infrastructure and impactfully reduce the cost of running their operation.

industrial solar power system

What are the benefits of investing in an industrial solar energy system?

Learn why industrial solar panels are growing in popularity around Australia

1. Clean and abundant source of free energy

The most obvious benefit of investing in industrial solar installation is that you will get access to the clean, plentiful and free energy of the sun. By doing this your operation won’t be as dependant on traditional electricity from the grid, which means your daily running costs will be reduced. The larger the system you install is, the more energy you will be able to generate in-house.

2. Extra revenue stream

Another extra bonus that is often overlooked is the fact that when you invest in industrial solar battery storage you will be able to store a reserve of power to use when and how you see fit. This means that the surplus energy your industrial solar battery storage system generates throughout the day won’t be wasted but can instead by sold back to the main power grid.

3. Boost in public relations

Because of the growing pressure for businesses to clean up their energy mix and help transition the economy to more sustainable practises, investing in an industrial solar system will give your company a significant boost in public image. This investment shows stakeholders that your business is forward-thinking, and this perception can be effectively leveraged in your marketing material.

Why Solgen?

Discover why we are trusted by our clients all around Australia

  • Superior technical knowledge
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Scalable solutions
  • End-to-end delivery

We have worked to make our process for industrial solar installation as comprehensive yet as simple as possible. We know that this is a big investment for your company and that you expect to get peace of mind at every stage of working with us.

Our company is passionate about helping to lead Australian industries through the transition to decentralised energy and provide them with solutions that are future-proofed. We want Australian businesses to realise the positive, progressive change renewables can have for their firm.

Instead of waiting with uncertainty over your energy costs, take a proactive step and invest in an industrial solar energy system designed by our talented team. We have extensive experience creating end-to-end solutions for a wide variety of different sites all around Australia.

industrial solar energy systems

Out 6-step workflow

Find out how we deliver state-of-the-art industrial solar systems for our clients.

1. Feasibility

By forecasting all outcomes for your site, financial and otherwise, we give you a comprehensive report on the feasibility of the project. This gives you an un-obfuscated view of the benefits the system will give your business.

2. Design and Engineering

Our in-house design team uses advanced software to create an intricately detailed visual mock-up of the proposed system. Your industrial solar panels will be positioned in the best place for maximum sun exposure while also blending in with the existing infrastructure of your site.

3. Project Management

We meet and exceed the expectations of our clients through our commitment to strong project management principles. We put a great deal of emphasis on ensuring we maintain transparency and clear communication with you at every stage.

4. Construction

With a multi-disciplinary approach to site delivery we are able to make sure we keep our promises and get the job completed on-time and to your satisfaction. With support from leading construction platform Procore, our team makes sure that everything is constructed to exact specifications while causing minimal disruption to your site.

5. Financing Solutions

With over a decade of experience as leaders of Australia’s industrial solar installation industry, we know how to provide our clients with great financing solutions. By ensuring we learn everything we can about your energy needs, we can supply you with a sustainable solution that will generate a return on your investment from day one.

6. Operations and Maintenance

With our end-to-end service you’ll get support from out friendly in-house team whenever you need it. You’ll also get access to our online diagnostics software that allows you to monitor the ongoing performance of your new system.

Considering industrial solar installation? Talk to the experts and call us on 1300 660 704 or fill out our online contact form today!

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