NSW Department of Commerce appoints Solgen Energy

NSW Department of Commerce appoints Solgen Energy

Solgen Energy has been appointed by the NSW Government as a preferred supplier to provide solar solutions to all Government Departments, including NSW Public Schools.

Under the NSW Department of Education & Training (DET) roll-out of the National Solar Schools Program, Solgen Energy offer the highest quality systems on the market to schools in the Sydney Metropolitan and South East NSW regions. Solgen Energy provides schools with energy cost savings, environmental education outcomes for students and the opportunity to promote an awareness of ‘green power’ in the wider community.

Solgen Energy exclusively offers the highest quality SCHOTT solar modules, designed to deliver the highest possible energy output.

In July, Solgen Energy installed the first of the solar electric systems for NSW Public Schools at South Sydney High School in Maroubra. The solar solution will produce an estimated 9 Mega-watts of energy each year – enough to power 5-6 classrooms.

Solgen Energy was selected as the solar partner by over 70% of Round 1 NSW Public Schools.


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