Older and wiser

Older and wiser

Australia has an ageing population, which makes renewable energy a priority in aged care facilities. By 2050, people over 60 will make up 22 per cent of the global population, outnumbering children under 14. This ageing population might not seem like the champions of renewables, but you’d be surprised at the uptake of solar energy at aged care facilities around Australia.

Whether it be retirement living or aged care facilities, many leading service providers are creating architect designed homes, incorporating community, social and sustainability innovations into their living environment and encouraging lifetime learning.

Solgen Energy Group has helped these aged care providers including Uniting and SwanCare to introduce solar power systems on dozens of facilities across Australia. Solar power can play a key role in meeting the energy demands of an aged care facility, while delivering significant cost savings and enhancing the facility’s sustainable profile. These costs savings create opportunities for further service enhancements to the facility and greater returns for investors and government.

Solgen Energy Group Engineer Jessica Kleinberg designed the solar power projects across Australia’s largest community service provider, Uniting.

“Uniting wanted to cut down on its energy consumption and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by installing solar on its aged care facilities across NSW and ACT.”

“Solar power installations are very costefficient for aged care facilities for several reasons. These facilities usually have large, spacious roofs therefore the freedom to orientate large arrays for optimal power production. It’s also a great opportunity because of their large daytime power consumption.”

“Importantly, they are an outstanding example to the community showing that every industry can play their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions for future generations.”

To find out how Solgen Energy Group can provide cost-effective, environmentally sustainable power for your organisation, contact us on 1300 660 704 or sales@solgen.com.au

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