Penrith City Council has long recognised the principles of sustainability and articulates a vision for the city focused on the long term. This vision takes into consideration the links between economic, environmental and social aspects of the community, and recognises that well designed and well-maintained infrastructure and services are an essential foundation in building sustainable communities.

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With current sustainability targets including a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 based on 2010-11 levels and that 10% of the council’s electricity is supplied from low carbon sources by 2030, the council were looking to reduce their reliance on grid electricity using sustainable initiatives and looked to
solar as a solution.

As a result, Solgen Energy Group was awarded the solar engineering, procurement and construction of 12 council sites including 8 childcare facilities, The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Lewers Gallery, St Marys Memorial Hall and the council’s Works Depot. Combined, these sites have a total capacity of 157.58kW and will generate 213MWh of clean energy each year offsetting approximately $31,971 each year from electricity bills and will reduce the council’s carbon emissions by 201 tonnes annually.

Solar power project details

Client:Penrith City Council
Location:Western Sydney, NSW
Date completed:July, 2017
Combined solar system peak capacity:158kW
Panels:Trina Mono 290W
Inverters:SMA Tripower

Quality engineered with rigorous project management

The design included the use of Trina 290W monocrystalline panels and SMA Tripower inverters, chosen for their high performance and superiority in the market. Construction and installation at the sites were fairly uncomplicated with the exception of the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre.

This site included some challenges during installation due to the shape of the roof at this site, and the nature of the facility. As the roof was curved in the prime location for solar panels, this meant that pallets of panels could not be stored or placed on the roof due to safety and roof stability requirements. This meant that panels had to be placed and installed simultaneously, requiring a lot of manual handling.

At the same time, because of the busy operations at the centre our installation team were required to work around performances and rehearsals to ensure minimal disruption. The team also installed a walkway on the roof for safety purposes for any future maintenance on the system.


The implementation of 158kw across the 12 facilities for Penrith City Council is expected to:

  • Generate 213MWh of clean energy for the council annually;
  • Offset approximately 201 tonnes of carbon emissions each year;
  • Become a key part of the council’s sustainability initiatives and demonstrate the successful use of solar technology to the community;

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