Developing Darwin with solar

Knight Frank were looking for a way to offset the high electricity bills they were receiving as a part of their management of the Arnhemica Building in Darwin. As a result, they turned to solar energy as a solution. Occupied by the Northern Territory Government, Solgen Energy Group were chosen for the solar engineering, procurement and construction of a 100kW system on the roof of the building due to their experience in delivering projects on government buildings.

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Improving tenancy and increasing building benefits

To maximise the efficiency of the system, the design included high performing SolarEdge inverters and optimisers so that system production is not compromised on cloudy days. Top of the line Trina Poly 295W panels were also used and were installed flush mounted due to the cyclonic conditions evident in the area.

Due to the nature and location of the building, there were a number of requirements that needed to be factored into the planning and construction phase. With our exceptional project management experience, the team took these challenges in stride and delivered the project to the client’s satisfaction.

Solar power project details

Client:Knight Frank
Location:Darwin, NT
Date completed:April, 2017
Solar system peak capacity:99.71kW
Panels:Trina Poly 295W
Inverters:SolarEdge 25kW

Some of the challenges faced include; noise restrictions in place during installation so as not to disrupt daily operations as it was a government site; the requirement of a crane to lift heavy materials to the roof due to the height of the building; a full structural analysis of the roof was then necessary to ensure there were no issues with this concentrated weight on the roof. In addition, there was also no available storage area on site for the panels before construction began. As a result, all panel equipment was delivered and placed on the roof over a single weekend, requiring significant coordination and communication. With the comprehensive traffic management plan that was developed and implemented there was also minimal disruption to the surrounding areas allowing for a smooth install.

As per the specifications, the system connectivity was rolled out firstly to the common areas with the view that if the electricity generated is not fully consumed it can then be configured to be on-charged to other tenants within the building – ensuring savings are met for the building owner and generating savings for the tenant. With Solgen’s assistance, Knight Frank monitor the production and usage and report back to the owner of the building.

Once fully consumed, the system is estimated to produce over $50,000 in electricity savings each year with a return on investment each year of over 40%. With these sort of figures, solar has the potential to deliver significant savings for the building owner and tenants, but in the long term also increases the value of the building to potential buyers and tenants as it becomes a more attractive investment.


The installation of a 99kW photovoltaic system is expected to:

  • Offset 186 tonnes of carbon emissions annually;
  • Increase the value of the building for tenants and potential buyers
  • At full capacity generate an estimated 163,000kWh per year.

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