Council receives benefits both economical and environmental

In 2008, the Bayside City Council committed to achieving carbon neutrality for its operations by 2020. In order to achieve this goal, they committed to producing a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in council buildings and a 30% increase in the amount of energy sourced from renewable energy for council’s operations by 2020. As a result, the council put out to tender the design and installation of two systems – one at the local Beaumaris Library and the other at the council’s corporate centre which is their base of operations.

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Solgen Energy Group was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction of these two solar systems totalling 144kW with the implementation of these two systems producing a reduction of 207 tonnes of carbon emissions annually – the equivalent of taking 44 cars off the road every year. The implementation of these systems will also offset the council’s electricity bills by over $30,000 each year, which can be used on other initiatives for the community.

Solar power project details

Client:Bayside City Council
Location:Sandringham, VIC
Date completed:August, 2017
Solar system peak capacity:144kW
Panels:Trina Mono 295W
Inverters:SMA Tripower

Superior Design, Performance and Safety at Council Headquarters

The reason Solgen was selected for this project was due to their superior design and engineering as well as their proven adherence and belief in the importance of safety requirements. At the Corporate Centre the roof was filled with as many panels as possible while encapsulating all the roof safety equipment and ensuring it remained 2.5m from the edge of the roof for WHS purposes. The Council were also implementing a backup generator for when the grid goes down. As a result, Solgen had to design and install controls so that the solar system could be isolated from the generator in the event that it was switched on ensuring no down-time and a smooth transition between systems. This feature was also engineered into the existing 6kW solar system on the building to ensure absolute safety and reliability of the entire electrical circuit.

With this focus on safety and to ensure minimal disruption to staff and surrounding businesses, majority of the installation at the corporate centre was completed on the weekend. A crane life was also utilised to guarantee that as soon as all materials were delivered onsite, they were then lifted onto the roof out of the way of the public and staff – this also allowed for a quicker install.

Library designed with a difference

At the Beaumaris Library, the design incorporated the inverter station on the roof above the main switch board. Because there was limited securable space on the ground, this was an easy solution to ensure that this equipment is only accessible by authorised personnel. By having the inverters above the main switch board it also required less exposed wiring – another safety and operational concern.

To ensure the highest performance, DC optimisers were installed to lower the impact of significant shading evident on the roof. This was something that had not been considered as part of the original specifications from the council but was provided at no additional cost by Solgen as a commitment to providing quality systems that produce maximum results.


The installation of a 144kW photovoltaic system is expected to:

  • Contribute to their 2020 carbon neutrality goal by reduce carbon emissions by more than 200 tonnes per annum;
  • Offset over $30,000 in electricity bills to be used for other initiatives;
  • Produce almost 200MWh of clean energy through an optimally designed and installed system;

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