Canberra Hospital is a 24-hour facility that uses 18 per cent of the ACT Government’s electricity. As part of the Carbon Neutral ACT Government Fund, the government provided $3.3 million to the hospital to assist in becoming a more efficient user of energy, this included the installation of a solar PV array on the roof of the multi-storey car park and upgrade on to energy efficient lighting.

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Strengthening sustainability practices

Solgen Energy Group meticulously value-engineered the best solution, utilising cutting-edge innovations such as 60kW string inverters, long-term maintenance provisions such as walkways and water outlets, and was delivered by the most cost-efficient construction program and methodology.

Solgen drew from their experience on similar works including Adelaide Airport, which had close similarity in technical scope, to bid for the project. The government assessed the tender on the basis of past performance and demonstration that the works would be completed within schedule and to the Territory’s strictest work health and safety requirements.

Solar power project details

Client:Canberra Hospital
Location:Canberra, ACT
Date completed:October, 2016
Solar system peak capacity:503kW
Panel:1936 x Trina Solar 260W
Inverter:8 x SMA Sunny Tripower 60

Maximum efficiency, minimal maintenance

A total of 1936 solar panels were installed on the roof of the car park. Solgen used the Trina 260W Duomax – glass panels which offer a 30-year performance warranty rather than standard 25-year warranty.

The Trina panels, which also self-clean better than standard, were tilt-mounted to the roof surface on a non-penetrative aluminum railing system. A fibreglass walkway was implemented to allow access for maintenance purposes combined with an aluminum handrail on the roof to reduce risk to anyone who needs to access the roof.

The cables from the panels run into eight rooftop combiner boxes that are fed back into the inverter room. Due to limited space, Solgen used SMA STP 60 inverters because of their higher power density in order to reduce the number of inverters required.

Solgen established their own construction compound for the duration of the project, underwent an active certification audit on their WHS system during construction and pre-assembled the majority of the structural components prior to installation to minimise disruptions to the 24-hour service.


The installation of 503 kilowatts of solar power at Canberra Hospital will:

  • Cut the hospital’s annual energy use by a whopping 721,000kWh
  • Save a massive $490,000 a year in energy bills by 2017
  • Significantly improve energy efficiency at the hospital
  • Demonstrate positive action on climate change.

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