Manufacturing facility goes solar

Established in 1907, Eilbeck Cranes is a market leading overhead crane manufacturer with over 100 years of operating experience in the industry.


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The Australian owned company has expanded at an unprecedented rate, and flourished in the face of competition from larger multi-national corporations.

Its manufacturing facility in Sydney produces some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry. The facility also comes with a substantial energy consumption profile, using approximately 570kWh of electricity per day.

As a company that is committed to sustainable operations, Eilbeck Cranes decided to install a commercial scale solar power system at its Sydney manufacturing plant to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar power project details

Client:Eilbeck Cranes
Location:Ingleburn, NSW
Date completed:March, 2015
Solar system peak capacity:100kW
Panels:384 x Trina Poly 260W modules
Inverter:4 x SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL
Green savings:156.5 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:146.3 MWh per annum


The manufacturing plant has a tilted, north-west facing roof that is not affected by surrounding shading, making it the ideal location to place the solar photovoltaic modules. The roof area, however, does have multiple obstacles such as skylights and whirly birds that limited the available area to install the system.

In addition to the limited area, Eilbeck Cranes wanted a high return on investment while offsetting a large proportion of the plant’s electricity usage.


To maximise the usage of the area that was available, Solgen decided to flush mount the panels to take advantage of the tilted roof and reduce the framing cost. Consequently, we were able to obtain an array size of 100kWp that will offset up to 70% of the plant’s annual electricity usage while allowing the system to capture the benefits of the upfront solar subsidy.

In addition, taking into account of the project’s high return on investment requirement, we adopted an optimised combination of cable trays and metal conduits to reduce the cost of connecting the solar power array layout on the roof. This design delivers the same quality of performance compared to a full cable tray layout but at 80% of the cost.

The result is a 100kW solar power system designed to maximise return on investment through energy savings.


The installation of a 100kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Generate an annual estimated energy output of 146.3MWh.
  • Demonstrate the Australian manufacturing industry’s recognition and interest in renewable energy.
  • Offset up to 156.5 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Showcase solar power’s effectiveness in providing energy savings for commercial customers.

To enquire about how solar can facilitate your business, contact our energy consultants today.


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