Frutex Australia, a major food ingredient and dried fruit business, is powering up its roof space for its growing energy needs at its Kingsgrove facility.

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Solgen Energy commissioned a 200kW solar power system at the Frutex site that will produce over 300MW of clean energy each year. The system will cover a substantial portion of the manufacturer’s energy needs.

Frutex cited long-term financial viability as a key decision criteria for investing in renewable energy. Solgen Energy worked with Frutex over several months to develop a business case that best suited its under various ownership models. Maximum rebates were achieved for the installation.

Solar power project details

Location:Kingsgrove, NSW
Date Ccmpleted:July 2014
Solar system peak capacity:200kWp
Panel:798 x ET Poly 250W
Inverter:10 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL

2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 9000TL

Green savings:330 tonnes of emissions annually
Solar electricity generated:300MWh each year


The solar power system was designed to connect to the main switchboard. The switchboard at the site was no longer in production and compatible breakers could not be sourced. Solgen Energy was required to specify and install a custom-made breaker for the MSB.

Strict requirements for food storage and safety at the site meant that there were limited options for placement of the inverter station. Two options were designed by Solgen Energy including the installation of a new platform adjacent to the main switchboard, and an outdoor inverter station.


The required circuit breaker for the connection to the MSB was designed and specified by Solgen Energy for compatibility with the existing infrastructure. This approach avoided costly upgrades and met full compliance requirements of the local DNSP, Ausgrid.

In order to overcome the restricted indoor space to host the inverters, Solgen Energy designed and built an outdoor inverter station on an accessible area of the roof, adjacent to the solar panel installation. Although the inverters are well know high quality inverters and are rated to withstand the most vigorous environmental conditions, the location was carefully selected to avoid factors such as direct sunlight and heavy rain. Only high quality components were used and an IP64 weatherproof rating across the entire installation ensured long-term reliability of the system in outdoor conditions.


The 200kW photovoltaic system installed on Frutex Australia’s roof will:

  • Produce approximately 300MWh of electricity per year – reducing energy consumption from the grid and operating costs
  • Generate over 330 tonnes of Green saving annually
  • Demonstrate the positive action from Frutex on climate change to the community

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