Global Foods Group is an Australian based food wholesaler that supplies goods to the major supermarket franchises of Australia, such as Woolworths, Coles and Franklins.

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Global Foods Group is an Australian based food wholesaler that supplies goods to the major supermarket franchises of Australia, such as Woolworths, Coles and Franklins.

Dedicated to making their operations environmentally friendly, Global Foods Group sought to install a solar power system that would reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and provide a high return on investment for the business.

Solgen Energy was appointed the task to design, install and commission a 100kW solar power system at its Villawood facility in August, 2014.

Solar power project details

Client:Global Foods Group
Location:Villawood, NSW
Date completed:November, 2014
Solar system peak capacity:100kW
Panel:400 x Trina Poly 250W modules
Inverter:2 x ABB TRIO 27.6, 2 x ABB TRIO 20.0
Green savings:163.82 tonnes of emissions annually
Solar electricity generated:153.14 Megawatt hours each year


The facility had a substantial north facing roof, ideally placed for a solar power system of a commercial scale.

The distance between the main switchboard and the array location meant that careful planning would be required to ensure the lengthy cable runs would not be subject to abnormal power loss. In addition, careful cable reticulation planning would be needed to ensure the most efficient method in terms of material and labour was employed. In addition, grid provider requirements meant that secondary grid protection beyond the inverter functionality would need to be adopted.

Taking consideration of these constraints, Solgen Energy’s engineers designed a solar power system that would deliver optimal results for the facility.


A thorough analysis of the facility’s interval energy consumption data was conducted prior to the project commencement, Solgen Energy estimated a system capacity of 100kWp would offset 33% of the annual energy consumption of the business, and would exports less than 1% of the energy generated.

In order to minimise the impact of the excess cabling required to connect the solar panels to the inverters, Solgen Energy designed the system so that part of the solar photovoltaic array was placed on the adjacent roof, located less than 20m away from the main switch board.

Avoiding all roof obstacles, like the whirly birds, and the shaded areas on the second roof, the second array was designed in an aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical layout.

Grid protection requirements were met through the implementation of Solgen Energy’s standard protection relay. This method is both efficient in meeting grid requirements and provides further control for the system owner.

As a result, Solgen Energy was able to design and install a solar power system that could accomplish Global Foods Group’s goal of reducing their carbon footprint while providing strong investment returns.


The installation of a 100kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Generate an estimated energy output of 153.14 Megawatt hours annually.
  • Provide great energy savings that will allow the facility to be less dependent on the utility.
  • Offset up to 163.82 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Demonstrate the commitment of carbon reduced operations in Australian commercial businesses.

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