Holroyd City Council approached Solgen Energy in early 2011 to install solar power across multiple sites in order to reduce the Council’s grid consumption and subsequent electricity costs.

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Solgen Energy successfully won the tender to design, procure and install an Industrial Solar Power System at the Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2) warehouse facilities located in Eastern Creek, Western Sydney. The Warehouse Solar System was installed on the new trim deck roofing using a tilt frame network while maintaining the integrity of the roof with expansion joints.

Solar Power Project Details

Client:Holroyd City Council
Location:Multiple sites, NSW
Date Completed: July 2011
Solar system peak capacity:42.41kWp
Module:Schott Polycrystalline 220W and 235W modules
Inverter:3 x SMA SMC7000TL
1 x SMA SB 5000TL

1 x STP 17000TL

Green savings: 78 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:71 MWh per annum

Holroyd City Council sought to install grid-connected photovoltaic systems on a number of Council-owned and managed community facilities. These included the Red Gum Function Centre, the Wentworthville Community Centre, Youth Centre and Library and the Guildford West Children’s Centre.

The Council was looking to demonstrate energy sustainability practices to the wider community through the installation of photovoltaic systems that would prove a successful energy-saving investment both at the time of installation and well into the future. Criteria essential to the fulfilment of Council’s aims included maximizing system output from the funding available through best practice design techniques and demonstrating value for money from the funding allocated.

The Guildford West Children’s Centre was the first site to be completed, in April 2011. The 7.05kW design incorporated 30 x Schott Polycrystalline 235W modules mounted flush on the north-facing roof and an SMA SMC11000TL inverter.

The Wentworthville Community Centre, Library and Red Gum Function Centre had system sizes installed of 7.05kW, 6.58kW and 16.45kW respectively. The Schott Polycrystalline 235W modules used for each system were raked at a north-facing angle to maximise efficiency.

Similarly, a 5.28kW system was installed at Wentworthville Youth Centre utilising 24 Schott Polycrystalline 220W modules raked to the north and an SMA SB5000TL inverter.

An SMA Sunny Webbox monitoring system was included with the Library installation for the visualisation of real-time generation data and the monitoring of environmental conditions relevant to the performance of the PV system.


The installation of the 100kW solar power system will:

  • Generate an annual estimated energy output of 155MWh.
  • Offset up to 166 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Significantly increase the awareness of the sustainable practices available for large commercial buildings.
  • Demonstrate the community’s acceptance of renewable energy.

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