In January 2012, Solgen Energy provided Leichhardt Municipal Council with a proposal for the supply, design, installation and connection of a photovoltaic system at Leichhardt Town Hall.

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In January 2012, Solgen Energy Group provided Leichhardt Municipal Council with a proposal for the supply, design, installation and connection of a photovoltaic system at Leichhardt Town Hall.

Solar power project details

Client:Leichhardt Municipal Council
Date completed:July 2012
Solar system peak capacity:20kWp
Panels:103 x 195W Schott Monocrystalline modules
Inverter:1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 8000TL,

1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 12000TL

Green savings:32.3 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:29.3 MWh per annum


The objectives for the Leichhardt Municipal Council photovoltaic system were to design and install a system that will contribute to offsetting the electrical consumption, and achieve maximum return on investment.

The client also requested a solar system that would utilise quality components that will provide longevity, minimal maintenance and proven results within Australian climactic conditions.

One of the main challenges for the system design was to provide an effective design which was sympathetic to heritage impact assessment carried out for the site. Solgen used the areas designated by Council to come up with a solar system design which was able to meet the Council’s output requirements.

The heritage significance of the building also meant that we  needed to take into consideration how cabling was to be fed back to the building’s main electrical infrastructure. The complex nature of both changes in height and angle across the three roof areas required a number of design techniques to be deployed to ensure the correct system components and specifications were connected to each of the areas.


Our approach in arriving at the recommended solar electric system was based on utilising the available roof space in a most effective manner and meeting budgetary constraints of Leichhardt Municipal Council. The underlying electrical design needed to correlate to the roof layouts so that no unsightly cabling was required between the arrays.

The site was also assessed for safety given the height and angle of the roofs upon which the arrays were installed. Solgen Energy deployed specialist lifting and safety equipment during the installation to ensure the work was carried out expediently in the safest possible way.

The lower section of the Town Hall roof presented a near flat surface on clip lock roof sheeting. To ensure the integrity of the roof, Solgen Energy’s engineers designed a mounting system which incorporated a clamping bracket which did not penetrate the roof sheeting.

The 20.085kWp system comprised 103 x 195W Schott Solar Mono crystalline modules covering an area of 150 square meters. The modules were connected to an SMA STP8000TL and an SMA STP12000TL tri-power Inverter. Solgen Energy took responsibility for the entire process in delivering and installing the solar electric system, covering system design, permits, procurement, site safety, installation, commissioning and training.

An SMA Sunny WebBox monitoring system was included with the installation for the visualisation of real-time generation data.


The installation of a 20kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Generate an estimated energy output of 29.3 Megawatt hours annually.
  • Reduce the overall energy costs, allowing for greater independence from the utility.
  • Offset up to 32.3 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Demonstrate Leichhardt Municipal Council’s commitment towards carbon reduced operations.
  • Represent the potential financial benefits that could be achieved by renewable energy systems.

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