Based in Townsville where the sun, a natural source of power, is not lacking, Loreto Nursing Home made the decision to fit its aged care facility with a solar power system. Loreto required a system that would integrate seamlessly with its existing backup generator and allow them to capitalise on the current government incentives.

Solgen Energy Group was contracted to complete the end-to-end 100kW solar power system including the
design, installation and commissioning.

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The complete 100kW solar project fully met the requirements and objectives of the Loreto Nursing Home facility, located in Pimlico, Queensland.

The facility serves as a residency for the elderly which is governed by strict regulations. Solgen Energy Group’s engineers and installers took considerable measures towards ensuring that the works were designed and built to meet the facility regulations and with minimal disruption to the residents.

The facility roofs unusual architectural design meant that even though there was a large substantial roof area, not all of the roof space was appropriate for solar to be installed on. Solgen’s engineering team designed a solar power system that managed the complex roof layout whilst taking into account important factors such as the system configuration and the electrical wiring needed to reach the required system energy generation.

Solar power project details

Client:Loreto Nursing Home
Location:Townsville, QLD
Date completed:December, 2014
Solar system peak capacity:100kWp
Panel:370 x SolarWorld 270W
Inverter:5 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL
1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL
Green savings:189.2 tonnes of emissions annually
Solar electricity generated:179.83 Megawatt hours each year

Both tilt and orientation of solar panels can also have a dramatic effect on the overall solar power generation capacity. To ensure that peak performance was achieved, solar panels were installed on twelve different roof areas, equating to six separate solar arrays using SolarWorld Monocrystalline 270W panels.

Each array was connected to a multi string SMA Sunny Tripower inverter containing a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) specially designed to work with multiple facing panels on multiple roof areas to produce the optimum power from the panels.

The final system design, coupled with highly intricate electrical wiring, the use of high efficiency solar panels and quality inverters, allowed for system flexibility within a complex solar array whilst still achieving the highest system performance.


Installing a 100kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Capitalise on the current federal government incentives whilst also saving money on electricity bill and overall facility operating costs.
  • Consume an anticipated 179.83Mwh per year of self-produced energy.
  • Generate over 189.2 tonnes of emissions savings annually.


“From the outset, we were very confident that Solgen was the best choice for our project. The site assessment and subsequent proposal was comprehensive and focused. The equipment is first class and the quality of the workmanship is outstanding. The project was completed in a fully-operational, high care nursing home, and it is a credit to the project that throughout the works, there was not one issue or concern for either the staff or the residents. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in working again with Solgen Energy.”

Mark Joyce, Project Officer, Mercy Community Services North Queensland Ltd

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