“Menai High School took the opportunity to demonstrate commitment to teaching sustainability principles by ensuring that we practice them in our day to day operations.”

– Edith McNally, Principal, Menai High School

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In May 2013 Solgen Energy successfully completed the first stage of the Solar Power School Project at Menai High School, Illawong. At the school solar panels were installed across 5 building roofs.

Menai High School has aspirational environmental strategy to reduce its carbon emissions through a range of green initiatives. Solgen Energy partnered with Menai High School to develop and install a tailored solution to optimise the power output and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar Power Project Details

Key facts about this School Solar Power Project:

Client: Menai High School
Location:Menai High School, Illawong
Date Completed:May 2013
Solar system peak capacity:98.25kWp
Module:393 x Yingli Poly 250W
Inverter:SMA Tripower Inverters
Green savings:176.9 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:166.2MWh per annum


This Solar Power School Project presented a number of unique challenges, for which Solgen Energy was able to develop an innovative design and construction methodology. Some of the key challenges have been:

  • Limited roof area available for the installation of the solar panel array requiring installation across 5 building roofs with individual points of connections for every sub system
  • Limited installation time frame of 2 weeks to tie in with the school holidays
  • Installation of roof mounted solar panels that maintained the aesthetic architectural requirements


The Solgen Energy Engineers are Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited and ensure that the design is optimised to ensure that the solar power system produces the maximum amount of power from the sun.

The Solgen Project Management team worked closely with our clients to ensure that the project met their needs and was successfully delivered on schedule. Solgen Energy also managed all the required approvals required by Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP).

The components chosen for this School Solar Power Project were key to its successful implementation. High efficiency products from leading manufacturers were selected to provide the hardware solution.


The major benefits of the School Solar Panel Installation at Menai High School include:

  • The production of 166.19MWH of renewable electricity per annum
  • The opportunity to increase awareness of energy efficiency initiatives in the wider school community.


“Menai High School took the opportunity to demonstrate commitment to teaching sustainability principles by ensuring that we practice them in our day to day operations. Our 25th anniversary presented a perfect opportunity to unite all stakeholders in a commitment to creating a daylight energy self sufficient school which could not only minimise pollution but also release funds currently used to pay the electricity bill into better teaching and learning opportunities for future generations of learners. The school raised the funds for stage 1 (397 panels and 99kw capacity) completion in May 2013 and stage 2 (65kw capacity) by December 2013. The school self managed the installation due to the outstanding support and guidance of our partners, Solgen Energy. Sunny Web portal provides “point of time” data to inform teaching, learning and site management re energy generation, cost savings, and carbon pollution avoidance. This has been one of the best projects ever and has brought a sense of harmony and purpose to the entire school community.”

Edith McNally, Principal, Menai High School

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