The Northern Sydney Institute (NSI) TAFE, one of the leading vocational training and tertiary education providers in Australia, always seeks to be on the front foot of education.

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The Northern Sydney Institute (NSI) TAFE, one of the leading vocational training and tertiary education providers in Australia, always seeks to be on the front foot of education. However, this isn’t the only aspect they tenaciously pursue; NSI TAFE has been the recipient of several awards for its outstanding environmental achievements and leadership by the NSW Office of Environmental and Heritage.

In line with their ethos of contributing to a sustainable future through corporate accountability and social responsibility, as outlined in their Sustainability Strategy, NSI TAFE decided to turn to solar powered renewable energy in 2013.

Solgen Energy developed and installed a tailored solution to optimise the solar system power output enabling NSI TAFE to further enhance their green credentials.

Solar Power Project Details

Key facts about this TAFE Solar System Project:

Client: The Northern Sydney Institute, part of TAFE NSW
Location:Meadowbank Campus
Date Completed:August 2013
Solar system peak capacity:94.5kWp
Module:378 x Yingli Poly 250W
Inverter:2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TLEE

2 x SMA Suny Tripower 15000TL

Green savings:123.7 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:155MWh per annum


This TAFE solar power system had several specific design and installation requirements due to limited roof space and the older electrical layout of the building.

Solgen Energy also had to integrate the existing 5kW solar power installation into the electrical system.

Furthermore, due to the structural layout of the roof the solar power system had to be installed without penetrating the roof.

An additional challenge was the short time frame of the installation, as the client requested the entire solar power system be installed during the two week TAFE holidays.


Solgen Energy project managed the entire system installation, from initial concept design through to system commissioning and handover, adhering to tight deadlines to ensure this 100kW solar power system was delivered in the 2 week timeframe.

Solgen Energy worked closely with the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) to obtain all the required approvals with our client to ensure that the project met their needs and was successfully delivered on schedule.

Solgen Energy’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited engineers designed a specialised solar power system, addressing all installation constraints while delivering the maximum power output to the client.

Solgen Energy installed a built in web based monitoring device to provide TAFE staff with the ability to access real time solar energy generation data to use in their curriculum.

To comply with the non-penetrating design of the solar power the system and ensure the structural integrity of the building, the entire solar array was installed tilt mounted Clenergy Klip-lok Clamps.


This solar power project demonstrates NSI TAFE’s ongoing commitment to green and renewable initiatives. The new solar power system simultaneously provides NSI TAFE with immediate financial benefits and a sustainable long term carbon reduction providing a positive benefit to the environment.

The major benefits of the NSI TAFE solar power installation at the Meadowbank campus includes:

  • The generation of 145.52 Megawatt hours of renewable electricity per annum while reducing the energy demand from non-sustainable resources.
  • The reduction of CO2 emissions by 123.7 tonnes per year.
  • The ability to incorporate the solar power system into the course curriculum using the comprehensive monitoring equipment to analyse energy generation results

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