A heritage Stoneyard cutting its energy consumption

NSW Public Works provides a range of design, engineering, water research and management services, ensuring sustainable projects for its clients and the broader community. NSW Public Works’ Stoneyard is one of its facilities which restores stone building, including heritage listed buildings and structures. Solgen Energy worked with NSW Public Works to design, install and commission a 95kW solar power system at the Alexandria premises.

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Solgen Energy Group’s engineering team analysed Stoneyard’s electricity consumption and available roof space, and decided that the overall solar power system be installed as a split layout across both the office building and the stone cutting shop rooftops.

The site analysis also revealed that due to the stone cutting shop being surrounded by trees, the rooftop would be impacted by shade in certain areas, particularly during winter months. The office building rooftop is also a unique saw tooth design, restricting the available space for placement of solar panels. This unique rooftop structure meant that throughout certain times of the day, it would cast shadows on sections of the solar panels if not positioned correctly to avoid this, also other roof obstructions such as the skylights and whirlybirds had to be factored into the design. All of these factors were taken into consideration when the system was designed.


Solar power project details

Location:NSW Public Works
Date completed:July, 2015
Solar system peak capacity:95kW
Panels:364 x Trina Solar Honey Poly 260W
Inverter:3 x SMA STP 25000TL, 1 x SMA STP20000TL
Green savings:90 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year
Energy generated:130 Megawatt hours of energy a year

With all sites, assessments are undergone to consider the structural suitability of the premises for the installation of the proposed solar power system. The corrugated metal walls at the stone cutting shop were not deemed suitable to support the weight of the solar inverters and a custom designed solution was needed to house the electrical equipment. We designed and constructed a custom UniStrut framing solution to house the inverters and associated electrical components.

The dual solar array system layout consists of 364 Trina Solar Honey Poly 260W panels connected to two separate inverter stations. The inverter stations contain four high quality German engineered SMA inverters, three Sunny Tripower 25000TL inverters and one Sunny Tripower 20000TL inverter.

Solgen’s extensive experience with installing commercial solar power solutions for businesses across Australia, and working at fully operational sites resulted in a very successful installation of a 95kW solar power system.


The installation of a 95kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Generate an annual estimated energy output of 130 MWh.
  • Offset 90 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.
  • Demonstrate the commitment of NSW Public Works in adopting renewable energy and sustainable practices.

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