Spanning 75 metres and incorporating 92 solar panels, Solgen Energy Group installed the aesthetically pleasing “Pentair” design on the storage shed building. The solar array is visible to any airplane flying overhead, broadcasting the Pentair name far and wide.

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Sunshine spells Pentair

Pentair Clean Air Systems is the global leader in particulate filtration systems. Since 1935, through their globally recognised brands, Goyen and Mecair, Pentair has provided engineering partnerships to some of the world’s leading reverse pulse filter manufacturers whilst incorporating extensive sustainability programs across their operations.

With manufacturing, sales and distribution offices spread around the world, Pentair partners with, and provide solutions to, leading Original Equipment Manufacturers right through to end users.

Combining renewable energy solutions like wind and solar power together with other environmentally friendly measures has ensured energy conservation, and reduced their carbon and water footprint on a global scale across their enterprise.

As part of their sustainability initiatives in Australia, Pentair sought to install a large scale solar power system on the roof of their Milperra facility.

In 2015 Solgen Energy completed the 270kW solar power project that will offset Pentair’s energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and allow for less reliance on fossil fuel energy sources.

Solar power project details

Location:Milperra, NSW
Date completed:2015
Solar system peak capacity:270kW
Panel:1038 x Trina Solar 260W
Inverter:6 x SMA Sunny Tripower
25000TL, 5 x SMA SunnyTripower 20000TL
Green savings:287.06 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:410.08MWh per annum

Situated near Bankstown Airport, Pentair Clean Air Systems requested Solgen Energy incorporate their corporate name spelt out in solar panels. The staged installation totalling 270kW is comprised of 2 separate solar power systems, one with a 100kW capacity and the other with a 170kW capacity, arranged to spell “Pentair”.

Due to the large roof layout, there were additional design challenges; firstly the roof obstacles implied there was limited space to house the 1038 solar panels and allow for optimal solar power generation, and secondly, due to the entire system spanning 2 buildings, with differing roofing, Solgen Energy had to incorporate different mounting systems while still ensuring the solar power roof layout is aesthetically pleasing.

The age of the premises and electrical layout also posed an additional challenge because the existing main switch board couldn’t facilitate the solar power system

Spanning 75 metres and incorporating 92 solar panels, Solgen Energy installed the aesthetically pleasing “Pentair” design on the storage shed building. The solar array is visible to any airplane flying overhead, broadcasting the Pentair name far and wide.

The solution to the different roof layouts on the 2 Pentair buildings was a mixed mounting system where the Solgen Energy team utilised klip-lok tilt roof mounting on the flat roof surface, and flush mounting on the tilted roof to ensure optimal solar power generation.

The older electrical layout of the building is comprised of a main switch board that cannot facilitate a solar power system. To overcome this, Solgen Energy designed a custom solar distribution board and utilised a copper busbar upstream of the main switch board which allowed the solar power system to be connected to the electricity supply of the building.

Given the close proximity of Pentair to Bankstown Airport, it will provide a unique view to anyone flying overhead, putting Pentair on the map!


The installation of a 270kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Generate an annual estimated energy output of 419.9 MWh of renewable energy.
  • Demonstrate the commitment of Pentair in adopting renewable energy and sustainable practices.
  • Put Pentair on the map as one of Australia’s, and Solgen Energy’s, first branded rooftop solar power array.

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