At St Augustine’s Parish Primary School, parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate as much as they can in the excitement of their children’s primary education.

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At St Augustine’s Parish Primary School, parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate as much as they can in the excitement of their children’s primary education. The parents group played a key role in helping to develop the schools guidelines on the management of resources, focusing on ecologically sustainable practices.

St Augustine’s believe environmental education is our way to the future. Lynne Rohanna, Assistant Principal says “While empowering individuals to restore and maintain the earth’s natural systems, it also supports the wellbeing of future generations by promoting sustainable lifestyles.” So when the school and parents association sat down to review proposals for the installation of a solar electric system, they were very keen to select a company that provided not only a high quality system, but provided strong back-end educational support, to ensure the students and school community could see the guidelines on the management of resources in action.


The installation of a 5.1kW solar power system will:

  • Generate enough solar energy to power 3- 4 classrooms.
  • Improves energy efficiency, reduces energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Provides educational benefits for students and raises awareness of renewable energy in the community.
  • Will reduce C02 emissions by 225 tonnes over 30 years, which is equivalent to planting over 187m2 of trees or removing 32 cars from Australian roads for 1 year.

The 5.1kW system, designed and installed by Solgen Energy included 30 high quality Schott poly-crystalline 170 Watt modules that provide optimum efficiency over their lifespan compared to other modules and is accompanied by the most educational monitoring equipment available. Solgen Energy integrated the system into the school’s IT network to provide real time electricity generation statistics and a host of other insightful statistics that can be used in the school’s curriculum. Joe Coco, Director of Solgen Energy, said a web-enabled monitoring device built into the system provides students with a valuable hands-on opportunity to learn more about how solar power works and the benefits of renewable energy for the wider community.

The 5.1kW system will generate up to 8MW of electricity per annum, preventing about 7.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year from entering the atmosphere.

St Augustine’s Parish Primary School was one of the first schools in the area to take advantage of The National Solar Schools Program, an Australian Government initiative to give Australian schools a head start in tackling climate change and conserving our precious water supplies. National Solar Schools offers grants of up to $50,000 (GST exclusive) to install solar power systems and a range of energy efficiency measures.

Ms. Rohanna was extremely pleased with the service provided by Solgen Energy, “the team at Solgen Energy was extremely supportive and easy to work with through the entire process.’’ Joe Coco said Solgen Energy was proud to be helping schools play an integral part in Australia’s move to a low-carbon future by adopting solar technology to tackle climate change head on.

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