For generations, the SwanCare Group has facilitated the care of Western Australian residents in Bentley Park and its surrounds.

Situated just 20 minutes south of Perth, a city with more sunny days than any other capital city in Australia, turning to solar power was a logical choice for the SwanCare Group’s Kingia Care Facility.

The installation of a roof mounted 100kW solar power system at the facility will help drastically cut the energy consumption costs as well as offsetting a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

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As an aged care centre, the Kingia Care Facility had a high energy consumption throughout the day, therefore the site was a perfect candidate for a solar power system installation. Due to the nature and location of the premises, there were a number of unique factors the Solgen Energy engineering team had to take into consideration throughout the design stage of the system.

The Kingia Care Facility had a large roof space ideal for the installation of solar subject to careful planning around existing roof plant and adjacent roof areas that could shade the array.

The site’s main switchboard was located outside the main building that was not centrally located for connection of the array. This required careful cable reticulation to discreetly hide cable runs while minimising cable lengths in order to maintain optimal output from the system.

In order to successfully connect the system to the grid, the system needed to be designed to meet a zero-export requirement.

On-site back-up generators formed part of the site’s electrical infrastructure to power medical equipment in the event of power failure. The system was designed to ensure that the solar power system would not interfere with the backup generator’s operation in the case of a blackout.

Solar power project details

Client:SwanCare Group
Location:Bentley Park, Perth – WA
Date completed:October 2015
Solar system peak capacity:100kWp
Panel:384 x Trina Poly 260W modules
Inverter:4 x SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL
Green savings:125 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:180 MWh per annum

Solgen Energy sought to maximise the energy generation of the solar power system by using a flush mounted solution across three north-east facing roofs to ensure optimal use of available roof space.

In order for the system to meet the zero-export requirements of the utility, Solgen Energy incorporated an in-house designed connection unit with leading components from SMA and ComAp. The unit operates to monitor system generation and site consumption and dynamically moderates system output in the circumstance where the production of generated power is in excess of the usage and may be exported to the grid. The SMA Cluster Controller was also used to monitor the system and allows for communication directly to the 4 x SMA STP 25000TL solar inverters installed.

Taking account of the extensive cable run to reach the main switchboard a cable that contains a larger cross section area was used that decreases its resistivity thus minimising power losses. Further connection equipment was installed to eliminate any possible interference with the back-up generator operation.


The installation of a 100kW photovoltaic system will:

  • Generate an estimated energy output of 180 MWh annually.
  • Offset up to 125 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Demonstrate the organisations commitment towards carbon reduced operations of Australian businesses.
  • Represent the potential financial benefits that could be achieved by renewable energy systems.

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