In March 2012, Solgen Energy provided Shoalhaven City Council with a proposal for the supply, design, installation and connection of a 33kW solar photovoltaic system at the Ulladulla Leisure Centre (ULC).

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In March 2012, Solgen Energy provided Shoalhaven City Council with a proposal for the supply, design, installation and connection of a 33kW solar photovoltaic system at the Ulladulla Leisure Centre (ULC). Following its’ successful commissioning, the system was expanded to 48.34kW in 2014.

Shoalhaven City Council’s key objectives in turning to renewable solar power were to demonstrate commitment to sustainability in the Council’s district, improve the sustainability performance of Ulladulla Leisure Centre and raise awareness in the local community while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of Ulladulla Leisure Centre.

Solar Power Project Details

Client: Shoalhaven City Council
Location:Ulladulla, NSW
Date Completed:July 2014
Solar system peak capacity:48.34kW
Module: 144 x Schott Poly 235W modules

58 x ET Solar Poly 250W

Inverter: 2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL

1 x SMA STP 15000TL

Green savings:54.3 tonnes of emissions per annum
Solar electricity generated:49.4 MWh per annum


The Ulladulla Leisure Centre had a combined suitable roof space of 300sqm for the installation of a solar system across their gym roof (200sqm) and their swimming pool roof (100sqm). As the swimming pool roof already had some existing solar panels installed there was limited space.

The main challenge in designing the solar power system for ULC was overcoming the design constraints associated with fixing the solar array to the centre’s curved roof. The metal roof not only presented challenges in design but also in ensuring the array could be constructed safely. Furthermore the system was split across two roofs at the site. The separation of the arrays required mounting systems to complement the different roof types. The photovoltaic electrical design also needed to compliment the physical layout of the separate arrays.


To overcome the challenge associated with mounting the solar array on the curved roof at ULC, Solgen Energy’s engineers designed the mounting system parallel to the existing roof structural members. This enabled rows of panels to be installed straight across the roof at intervals which accommodated the curvature of the roof. The array installed above the swimming pool was installed flush on the roof to complement the existing structure. To ensure that the array on the gym and swimming pool did not influence each other, the photovoltaic designs for the arrays were electrically separated.

Solgen Energy’s approach in arriving at the recommended solar power system was based on utilising the available roof space in a most effective manner and meeting the budgetary constraints of Shoalhaven City Council.

The 48.34kW system is comprised of 144 Schott Perform 235W Poly panels, 58 x ET Solar Poly 250W panels, 2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL inverters and 1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL inverter.

Solgen Energy took responsibility for the entire process in delivering and installing the solar electric systems for Ulladulla Leisure Centre, covering system design, relevant permits, procurement, site safety analysis, installation and commissioning, training and ongoing support.

A SMA Sunny WebBox monitoring system, connected to a public display, was included with the installation for the visualisation of real-time generation data.


The system establishes Shoalhaven City Council as a community leader in environmental initiatives. Not only does this solar power installation demonstrate Shoalhaven City Council’s commitment to taking action on climate change, it simultaneously provides the Council with financial and environmental rewards.

The benefits of the installation include:

  • The production of 68.81MWh of electricity per annum, thus reducing the Council’s energy consumption and associated costs.
  • The reduction of CO2 emissions by 48.17 tonnes per annum.
  • Setting an example of sustainable practices to other local businesses and residents.

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