Australia’s largest community services provider Uniting, wanted to cut down on its energy consumption and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by installing solar power systems on 27 of its aged care facilities.
Solgen Energy Group designed, engineered and installed 2.152MW solar power capacity across the sites,
generating an impressive 3,000 Megawatts per year while offsetting 3,000 MWh/year tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

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Powering Australia’s aged care sector

Working towards a tight schedule, Solgen Energy Group designed and constructed a solar power array tailored to each site. This involved a site and an in-depth shading analysis to ensure that the system performance was optimised to its fullest potential.

Throughout the process of installing the solar power arrays, Solgen took care and consideration during the site inspection and construction as each site serves as an aged care facility. Solgen’s engineers and installers took considerable measures to ensure that the works were built and installed with minimal disruption to residents.

Uniting requested the solar arrays and electrical components visibility be minimised from street view for aesthetic purposes. The solar arrays consisted of 8,232 Trina DuoMax Poly 260W panels. These panels are visually pleasing with a sleek double glass design and when compared to a conventional solar panel, the DuoMax panel has a significantly decreased occurrence of corrosion and does not require panel level earthing due to no exterior metal parts. The DuoMax solar panel is also guaranteed to perform at no less than 83 per cent of its original output by the 13th year, with an annual degradation of 0.5 per cent. To put that into perspective, degradation usually sits around 0.7 per cent as an industry standard.

Solar power project details

Location:Various sites, NSW & ACT
Date completed:June, 2016
Solar system peak capacity:2.152MW
Panel:8,232 x Trina Solar DuoMax
Inverter:SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL
Green savings:3.000 tonnes of emissions annually
Solar electricity generated:3,000 Megawatt hours each year

All of Uniting sites had unique roof surfaces that faced different aspects and while all sites have a substantial roof area, not all of this space was suitable for solar. Solgen engineered each array to face in different directions, with complex system configuration and electrical wiring allowing for optimal energy generation. Each array was connected to multiple German engineered SMA Sunny Tripower inverters. The inverters contain a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) specially designed to work with multiple facing panels on multiple roof areas to produce the optimum power from the panels.

The final system design, coupled with highly intricate electrical wiring, the use of high efficiency solar panels and quality inverters, allowed for system flexibility within a complex solar array whilst still achieving the highest system performance.


The installation of 2.152 Megawatts of solar power across a number of different Uniting sites will:

  • Reduce 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
  • Produce 3,000 Megawatts hours per year electricity from renewable sources.
  • Demonstrates positive action on climate change by the government.
  • Significantly decreases the facilities’ dependence on fossil fuel energy.
  • Encourages other aged care facillities, or facillities with large daytime energy consumption, to go solar.

To enquire about how solar can facilitate your aged care facility, contact our energy consultants today.


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