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The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of the world’s leading universities in the field of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering. They have paved the way in both research and commercialisation of high performance solar cell technology for over two decades and have made a range of contributions to the solar industry.

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Their long history of Research and Development of Photovoltaic technologies make them well aware of the benefits of installing solar PV systems from both a sustainability and commercial perspective. What more, they can benefit from both new and existing solar installations for educational and research purposes.

As a result, in 2016 UNSW requested an additional 112kW of solar PV capacity at the Kensington Campus on the Old Main Building, which will offset an additional 111.97 tonnes of greenhouse gases per annum and generate 159.95 MWh of energy each year.

Solgen Energy Group was awarded the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the project to deliver high-quality engineering, state-of-the-art panels and inverters with an experienced project management team. Included in the Installation was Trina Solar Honey Mono 280W panels and German engineered SMA Tripower inverters both known for their durability and efficiency.

Project Delivery

With Solgen’s project management experience, construction was a smooth process despite some challenging site constrains. The roof of the Old Main Building had weight limits which could not be exceeded, which meant all material transport had to be carefully planned to avoid any damage to the roof. Given the Old Main Building is 16 metres high, a crane lift was required to transport materials onto the roof.

As safety was of the utmost concern for both the university and Solgen, a comprehensive Traffic Management plan was established to take into consideration the large amount of day-to-day pedestrian and vehicle traffic at the university.
Solgen engaged traffic controllers to ensure the highest level of safety and security was met during this process. The project management team coordinated all crane lift operations to take place over two weekends – during minimal site usage – which also required the coordination of a range of other contractors both externally and internally.

The scheduled shutdown to connect the new solar system to the main electrical system required a high level of coordination and monitoring from both UNSW personnel and our project management team as there were lots of labs and classrooms on campus in constant use. However, this was achieved successfully with little-to-no loss in productivity.


The installation of a 112kW solar power system at UNSW demonstrates:

  • Successful installation of a solar system on a fully operational site at the time of installation.;
  • Offsetting of 112 tonnes of carbon emissions annually;
  • Generation of 160MWh of electricity using energy from the sun;

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