University of Queensland plans its future around solar.

The University of Queensland (UQ) have outlined their carbon reduction and sustainability plan and have placed a strong focus on generating energy through solar power. From the construction of a 3.3MW solar photovoltaic research facility at the Gatton campus to individual solar projects that feed into their own mini-grid, UQ are at the forefront of solar power generation.

Solgen Energy designed and installed the Colin Clark and Joyce Ackroyd building solar projects as part of UQ’s larger solar power program.

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Monitoring and educating
Working with the existing buildings at University of Queensland, both solar power systems were installed flush in landscape orientation and a Klip lok SolRack mounting system was used to avoid penetrating the waterproof membrane on the roof.

A total of 407 tier 1 Trina Solar Honey Poly panels were used across the two projects. Coupled with high quality, German engineered SMA inverters to ensure the campus would benefit from clean energy from the sun for years to come.

A total of 6 SMA inverters are connected to a SMA Cluster Controller – S monitoring device. This monitoring device from SMA is suited for small scale photovoltaic as one device can be connected to up to 25 string inverters. The device provides monitoring of the solar power array, allows the systems to be installed in a zero export setup and reports any malfunctions and faults.

The SMA Cluster Controller also allows UQ students to access real time generation data through the Sunny Portal connection.


The installations at UQ will:

  • Generate an annual estimated energy output of 180MWh annually.
  • Work towards the University’s sustainability practices.
  • Significantly decrease the dependence of the campus’ facilities on the grid utility.
  • Offset up to 125 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • Encourage tertiary education facilities to adopt sustainable operation practices and participate in combating climate change.<\li>

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