Rouse Hill Town Centre switches to solar

Rouse Hill Town Centre switches to solar

GPT Property Management has awarded Solgen Energy the design, procurement, engineering and construction of a 350kW solar power installation on the Rouse Hill Town Centre – a large shopping complex comprising mixed retail, supermarkets and a cinema.

The shopping centre has been divided into four quadrants for this rooftop solar power plant, three of which have been nominated to host the solar system.

The shopping centre’s rooftop solar power plant will be installed in three stages:

Quadrant A: Woolworths supermarket – 150kW solar power system;

Quadrant B: Coles – 90kW solar power system; and

Quadrant C: Reading Cinema – 110kW solar power system.

As the shopping centre operates seven days a week during daylight hours, the site presents several challenges to the installation of the solar power system, such as the delivery of equipment, which will need to be craned onto the roof at night – outside of retail hours.

As with all large shopping complexes, the Rouse Hill Town Centre is energy hungry during the day, especially during the summer months when air conditioning is used at maximum capacity.


The Solgen Energy solar power system will dramatically offset the shopping centre’s electricity consumption from the grid, producing approximately 515MW electricity annually, enough to offset carbon emissions of 116 cars (550 tonnes CO²)

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