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Tailored solutions need innovative integration and support services.


Integrated services supporting scalable solutions

With expertise that extends across the energy eco-system, we deliver a range of services to meet our clients evolving energy needs.


In-house Operations and Maintenance team


Integrating solutions to existing energy networks


Creating new energy networks to support solar and storage solutions


Operations and Maintenance

Ongoing 24-hour support forms a critical foundation for partnering with our clients.

By partnering with Solgen Energy Group, you’ll benefit from full access to our online platform where you can view system performance and monitor output and weather data.

Our online diagnostics and reporting platform allow our in-house team to maintain and monitor your solar power system, ensuring your performance remains above the forecasted production.

Real-time monitoring and alerts mean our technical support team can swiftly react to any service requirements, guaranteeing Solgen Energy Group’s systems operate at optimal levels.


Embedded Networks

Incorporating an embedded network into a multi-tenanted commercial building can create valuable opportunities for energy savings. Embedded networks aggregate traditional building infrastructure to deliver power services to end users.

Aggregation of individual meters across units, offices or shops within a development, may enable the site’s owner to purchase from the wholesale energy market. This will lower energy costs within the network. Together with the integration of solar power, embedded networks create valuable opportunities across:

  • Lower electricity prices through bulk buying contracts
  • Lower network charges through reduction of meter connection points to the grid
  • Integration of behind-the-meter solar and storage for the benefit of multiple tenants

Our team can help you manage an existing embedded network as well as set up a new embedded network with our industry partners.



Micro-grids create a unique opportunity for businesses to take control of their energy generation and operate autonomously. These independent energy grids may operate with, or without, the traditional grid.

Coupled with smart storage initiatives and embedded networks, micro-grids are growing in popularity across schools, shopping centres and communities all around the world.

Increased control capabilities allow our team to move away from traditional diesel generation and create significant cost savings for remote sites by seamlessly integrating solar and storage systems.

Solgen Energy Group’s tailored packages can help businesses looking to reduce their reliance on the traditional grid and increase their energy independence.

Featured Projects

Find out how we have built sustainable value for clients across Australia.

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