Small business solar projects soar before benefit drops

Small business solar projects soar before benefit drops

A record number of businesses across Australia have purchased solar power systems in the last three months according to Clean Energy Regulator data.

We anticipate that this is a result of reduced financial incentives from 1 January 2017 and the substantial cash savings a solar power system can deliver to business.

As legislated financial incentives decrease each year until 2030, the cost of the system goes up. On average, all system sizes under 100 kilowatts will increase around five per cent.

Solgen Energy Group Executive General Manager David Naismith stated: “Although the commercial market volume has increased at record levels recently, businesses who value clean energy and want to save on their energy bills need to make the move to solar now.

It is not surprising that the volume of solar in businesses is increasing as a result of strong financial returns. Systems can now be financed at zero cost and generating a positive cash flow from day one.”

In most circumstances, small businesses can also apply an immediate $20,000 upfront tax deduction on a solar power system.

More information can be obtained from Solgen Energy Group by calling 1300 660 704 or emailing us at sales@solgen.com.au

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