Looking for alternative energy sources? Consider installing a solar power plant for your commercial needs.

Solgen Energy Group is Australia’s largest construction and development group, specialising in the installation of solar power plants.

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About us

We believe that the foundation of energy in the future lies in renewable sources. As a result, at Solgen we focus on creating value for our customers, building this through innovative storage technologies, integration processes and unrivalled support from industry. We are ranked number one as Australia’s largest and most respected commercial solar retailer and designer. We believe that this is predicated on three key points: 1. We have successful people creating successful solutions 2. Our models are anchored in engineering expertise 3. We have award winning experience to back it up

How we deliver our services

Whether it is a 3-megawatt solar power plant or a 5-megawatt solar power plant, all our projects are completed via an in-house process that has proven to be efficient and reliable.

5 megawatt solar power plant

Strong in-house capabilities

At Solgen, our capabilities cover the entire lifecycle of our systems, including the more comprehensive projects that involve a 5 MW solar power plant. As a result, our work involves civil works, construction, maintenance and operation of the system. We will ensure that our systems deliver consistency and quality throughout the entire process.


Before the process begins, we start by assessing the relative feasibility of installing a system for your commercial needs. We know that “feasibility” means different things for different people, so it’s important to get on the same page as early as possible in the process. Our consultants will ensure that plans are set forth with clarity and clear communication, including important information like pricing, sites, buying options and forecasted returns after construction has finished. Naturally, you’ll want to know how much a 2 MW solar power plant costs and whether it is even financially feasible for your business. You might find that a 3 MW solar power plant will cost only marginally more and be worth investing in for the long-term. Regardless of the scale of the project, the end figure is likely to be in the millions.


Naturally, the design of something like a 5 MW solar power plant is something that is very important. After our consultants have ensured that the project is feasible, we will then progress to the design phase of the process. Indeed, this involves providing a more detailed assessment of the solution, including the seamless integration of all processes. Our highly skilled in-house team of engineers will ascertain that your project is optimised for all your commercial needs.

Project management

At the heart of our business model is our desire to exceed customer expectations. Our approach is built on transparency and trust, so you can rest assured that a 5 MW solar power plant won’t cost more than we initially forecasted. Unless something extreme or unavoidable occurs during the process, our clear, ongoing communication will ensure that you are never in the dark.

3 mw solar power plant cost

Construction processes

Our on-site delivery teams are experienced and highly reliable, guaranteeing that our promises are met and fulfilled in accordance to the customer’s wishes. Using our innovative platform Procore, you can rest assured that on-site disruptions will be minimal, and efficiency will be maximised.


We make sure that we properly understand your energy requirements, whether you need a 2 MW, 3 MW or 5 MW solar power plant to serve your commercial needs. We’ve overseen a wide range of projects, each with different energy requirements and specifications. Some of our most prominent projects include the following:

  • Flinders University – Carpark
  • Adelaide Airport – Rooftop
  • University of Sydney – Rooftop
  • University of New South Wales – Rooftop
  • Cockatoo Island – Rooftop
  • Penrith City Council – Rooftop
  • Westfield – Chatswood Carpark

Naturally, all these projects require varying levels of energy, and as a result, differing levels of funding. We endeavour to understand your energy needs, existing costs and hope to implement a program that is better for the environment, yields better returns and delivers greater efficiencies for your commercial venture.


Even after the system has been effectively completed, our job isn’t done there. In fact, at Solgen we continue to provide real-time monitoring and maintenance of your solar power plant. You can always get in contact with our in-house technical support team – they are well-equipped in handling any concerns you may have regarding your system and how it can be improved or fixed.

Approximate figures

As outlined prior, the costs associated with a solar power plant can be hard to clarify. On average, the cost per watt is generally around $1/watt, meaning that a 1 MW station will cost around $1 million in terms of installation.

So, if you think that your organisation could benefit from a powerful 2, 3 or 5-megawatt solar power plant, make sure you get in contact with someone from Solgen Energy Group today!

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