Solgen completes SA’s largest rooftop solar project

Solgen completes SA’s largest rooftop solar project

Solgen Energy Group completes South Australia’s largest rooftop solar power project

South Australia’s largest rooftop solar power system at Adelaide Airport has begun generating electricity, contributing to almost 10 per cent of the airport’s total energy consumption.

The short term multi-storey car park rooftop solar power system, located opposite the main terminal, is expected to offset 100 per cent of the car park’s electricity consumption with excess power generated to be consumed within the main terminal. Further enhancing the Airport’s renewable reputation, the new system brings the total rooftop solar capacity to 1.28MW.

Solgen Energy Group Executive General Manager David Naismith said Solgen worked with the unique specifications and stringent financial criteria to design a 1.17MW solar power system under a competitive bid process.

“Through incorporating leading technologies, vigorous design and engineering principles, the system that Solgen delivered represents an optimal solution to site constraints such as shade from other existing and potential infrastructure while ensuring financial and environmental goals are exceeded.

“Working with the fabric of the building, the additional electrical infrastructure, including the first installation in Australia of SMA’s Sunny Tripower 60 inverters, was comfortably integrated into the car park. With these inverters, Solgen completely customised the solar distribution board and inverters into a single room on the top level of the car park, ensuring that valuable car parking space was not lost.”

“Adelaide Airport is leading the way in the aviation industry and the addition of on-site generation of electricity from their car park roof is ingenious. We are proud to have worked with the Airport to deliver a solution that provides outstanding environmental results while meeting practical financial outcomes.” Mr Naismith concluded.Almost 4,500 Trinasmart solar panels were installed with the unique capability of mitigating the effects of shading across the array from existing and potential infrastructure. In addition, a remote single switch will allow immediate shut-down at panel level which enhances the overall safety of the system in the event of an emergency.

Trina Solar Sales Manager Govind Kant said that the unique attributes of their Trinasmart panels were an integral part of the scheme.

“Most solar panels are installed in ‘strings’ with each panel linked to others, which means that in the event of shading the output of all the panels in the ‘string’ is reduced.

“Our Trinasmart system is able to optimise the maximum output of each panel independently which means it is the perfect solution for installations where shading of the solar panels can occur during the day. This minimises the impact of shading and translates directly into dollars saved off the electricity bill,” Kant said.
For further information or to arrange an interview with Solgen Energy Group CEO contact   MarketingManager Donna Hudson at donna.hudson@solgen.com.auor 1300 660 704.

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