Taking safety to the next level with Solgen Safe

Solgen Safe

Solgen Energy Group’s national safety standards represent a culture across our workplace under the proud banner of Solgen Safe. National Safe Work Month is a time where we reflect on the value that Solgen Safe brings to our workplace and the diverse sites and stakeholders we touch every day.

To accomplish anything of genuine value necessitates an element of risk, and the risk encountered for a solar installer is not the same kind of risk experienced by someone sitting at a desk. Solar installation often exposes workers to a range of risks, be it working at heights or in confined spaces, dealing with machinery such as cranes and pulleys, and even the possibility of encountering hazardous substances such as asbestos.

Of course, a good proportion of this risk needs to be eliminated or mitigated through fastidious planning and frontline management. Solgen Safe provides the vehicle to navigate these risks and create a safer workplace. Solgen Safe is an ISO accredited safety system that continues to evolve through learnings developed over thousands of solar installations.


Solgen Energy Safety Coordinator Diana McDonnell comments that “while Solgen Safe is our safety management system, it is much more than just a stationary document or process. Solgen Safe is a compilation of risks, learnings and challenges that we have encountered with solutions and often unique processes that help us reduce or eliminate risk at our worksites. There is a mateship element that compels us all to be vigilant with our own safety and that of our work colleagues.”

Some of these rules might seem rather obvious, such as making sure that one turns up for work in a fit state – working on a roof under a scorching southern sun is a very harsh environment. Moreover, to begin with employees need to wear the appropriate protective equipment: Long sleeves and pants, safety glasses, hard hat, safety boots and hi visibility clothing and any other respective PPE required protection.

Solgen Safe creates a conscientiousness for one’s own safety and the safety of one’s fellows and the identification of potential risks with a clear communication of safety controls prior to entering the workplace. It drives an expectation to be at the top of one’s game in terms of training, experience and competence across our workforce.

However, it must be said that a significant portion of risk is also mitigated before the frontline. Every three years SEG’s ISO certification with the International Organisation for Standardisation is audited for requalification purposes. To guarantee that Solgen Safe is always up to the highest of standards we partnered with leading external auditors to ensure regular maintenance schedules, clear processes, frameworks, and lines of responsibility. Ultimately, this partnership refines a standardised risk management process

QMS 4801

Finally, Solgen Safe provides everyone with a voice when it comes to safety. If anyone is ever unsure, unsafe or concerned – work will be stopped immediately.

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