The benefits of going solar in schools are almost too many to count

The benefits of going solar in schools are almost too many to count

Our children are likely to face many challenges in their futures. With the world changing so rapidly and moving in directions that we can barely dream of, it is important that we give the children of today every advantage and tool that we can.

Installing solar power systems in schools is one way we can do this. It may sound strange, but installing a solar power system can confer benefits way beyond simple cost savings and can be advantageous on so many different levels. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Cost savings.

With an average payback of 4 years*, a solar power system will provide schools with cost savings on energy bills for years to come. With future utility prices almost certain to rise, installing solar panels will result in reduced energy costs for the school. Less money needed for energy bills means more money can be spent on educational resources – a tangible bonus for students.

Educational opportunities.

Having a rooftop solar power installation at a school can provide a myriad of educational opportunities to stimulate learning and student understanding, and allowing teachers to utilise as a real world example in subjects such as science, technology, engineering and math will enhance the experience for students.

Raising awareness in students.

A solar power installation can also be used as a talking point to raise environmental awareness amongst students, allowing students to better understand the importance of using renewable energy to help mitigate climate change, reduce pollution levels and relieve the pressure on our planet that results from using limited resources such as fossil fuels.

It can also be used to raise awareness about electricity use in general and spark interest amongst the student population to become energy efficient – a skill that will likely spill over into home life as well. A great project for kids is to think of different ways to save energy around the school, around the home and figure out how to effectively implement these changes.

Raising awareness in the community.

A big project like installing solar panels on a school roof will also raise awareness about energy issues within the community. Hopefully this will spark discussion about renewable energy sources, climate change and environmental issues, even spurring solar power usage in other areas of the community.

Reducing CO2 emissions.

Of course installing solar in schools will help to reduce CO2 emissions. This is a boon for our climate and will demonstrate to students and the community that the school is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and operating more sustainably. Students will be proud to be part of a school that is doing their bit for the environment.

Helping to support Australia’s solar industry.

Solar power installations in schools will also go a long way to helping support Australia’s burgeoning solar industry. With the amazing renewable resources that Australia has on hand this is an industry that we want to nurture. Many future jobs for today’s children will be generated by a strong, world-class solar industry.

With so many advantages, and little, if any, downside, all schools should be considering going solar – it just makes sense.

With a proven track record of over 1000 school solar power systems delivered, Solgen Energy is the industry’s preferred choice when it comes to tailored education solar power solutions. Check out our new and noteworthy school solar power installations here.

*Dependent on location, energy rates, and other site specific factors.


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