The clock is ticking – solar rebate for Melbourne businesses is almost up!

The clock is ticking – solar rebate for Melbourne businesses is almost up!

At the beginning of this year it was announced that Melbourne businesses have another incentive to go solar after The City of Melbourne introduced a new rebate of up to $4,000 for commercial solar power projects.

Melbourne has significantly higher electricity rates for commercial and industrial buildings compared to other municipalities, and this rebate was created to offer a unique opportunity to increase the amount of solar energy produced and sweeten the case for commercial solar power projects in the city.

Rebate recipients will achieve a faster return on their investment thanks to a reduction in the upfront solar power system costs. You’ll save money on your energy bill, and have made an investment that reduces your exposure to future electricity price increases.

The City is offering a limited number of rebates for projects larger than 10kW on commercial or industrial buildings within the municipality’s boundaries.

As with all incentive schemes – time is of the essence.

Pending availability, a solar rebate can be pre-approved once a deposit is paid for a system. Solar systems must then be installed before the rebates can be claimed.

The solar rebate closing date is Monday 31 August at 12pm and you can Solar Rebate for Melbourne Businesses to find out more information on how to apply.

Why Solgen Energy?
As a leader in commercial solar power system design and construction, Solgen Energy can help you save money and generate renewable energy by providing a proposal that takes into consideration your site and budgetary objectives.

We have been involved in many commercial solar installations, such as the Westfield Shopping Centre, which involved installing a 170kW car park solar solution, attracting an award for excellence in technical design and installation from the Clean Energy Council.

To discuss your options for investing in a commercial solar power installation, contact Solgen Energy on 1300 660 704 or email sales@solgen.com.au.

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