The panda made us do it…AGAIN!

The panda made us do it…AGAIN!

Solgen Energy are saving their energy for this year’s Blackmores Running Festival

Who are we?

At Solgen Energy we are passionate about the environment, it’s what we do, and we care enough to do something. Something that will make a difference.

We’re a team of vibrant, smart and highly motivated people who know that as global citizens we have a responsibility to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Every day we come to work knowing that the work we do is helping others. Reducing the carbon footprint, saving energy, embracing the sun. Not everyone can say that their work helps to save the planet, but we can.

What are we running for?

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival has become an annual social event for the Solgen Energy team and we intend to keep this up. It’s a great way to raise money for a cause that means a lot to us, and it keeps our staff healthy, happy and allows us to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this wonderful city.

As a company, Solgen Energy are great supporters of WWF and the work they do. Whether it’s helping endangered species survive, or helping to protect the environment on a global scale, they do a fantastic job and have inspired us to take a stand.

Who is in the Solgen team?

Our team of enthusiastic runners consist of Joe Coco, Kean Gee Liew, Donna Hudson, John Zhang, Amelia Sun, Baran Yildiz, Dave Chen, Dylan Palmer, Ivor Kades, Jack Parsons, John Min, Nathan Tam, Poojan Modi and Souzana Mohamed.

What we need?

Last year we raised more than $5,000, and this year we’re upping the ante, with a team target of $6,000!

We appreciate every bit of support that we get, so will you help us make a difference?

To help us reach our target click here, and please click here to read about the great work the WWF does for our planet.

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