Three minutes on: WA solar regulations change

Three minutes on: WA solar regulations change

In this series, ‘Three minutes on,’ we respond to what people are talking about on any given day. Today we hear from Solgen Energy Group Executive General Manager David Naismith on the recent regulatory changes in Western Australia.

Western Australian Energy Minister Mike Nahan announced earlier this week that the State Government has cut regulation making it easier for solar power purchase agreement (PPA) providers to operate in the State.

To get you up to speed, a PPA refers to the installation of a solar power system for no up-front costs where the client pays for the electricity produced at an agreed price.

The Energy Minister flagged the problems that PPA providers came up against previously due to unnecessary compliance requirements but said the changes show the Government’s commitment to solar energy and reducing red tape for businesses.

He stated: “West Australians are embracing solar energy in unprecedented numbers and the State Government wants to ensure everyone has access to this exciting technology.”

“By creating the exemption, we have broken down barriers, cut red tape and reduced the regulatory costs for solar PPA providers to offer electricity services to customers. This will help the emerging market to develop and increase the choices that customers have to access these innovative and renewable sources of electricity at an affordable price,” Nahan said.

The decision by the Western Australia Government gives consumers the power to control their energy costs and choose where that energy comes from. Solar represents a reliable source of renewable energy and this announcement means that WA households can take advantage of the financial benefits it delivers.

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