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    Need solar for your Toyota Dealership?

    We’re here to help! We are 100% Australian owned and the largest, most respected commercial solar group. With over a decade of experience in helping small and large businesses make significant reductions to their electricity costs.

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    How does it work?

    You’ll need to send us a copy of your latest electricity bill and provide us with the dealership location, in order for our qualified team to develop the most suitable and beneficial system for your branch.

    Cost / Savings

    What is the cost?

    How much the system costs will depend on the size of the solar system that best suits your business.


    Can I finance the system?

    Yes, the system can be purchased under Toyota finance. We recommend reaching out to the Toyota Finance team directly to discuss your options.

    All we need to get started is your dealership location and your latest electricity bill.
    Once received we’ll prepare a full site assessment which will pinpoint your optimal system size and outline your potential savings over the long-term.


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    Alternatively, you can you contact us on
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