What Drives us at Solgen?

What Drives us at Solgen?


Here at Solgen Energy, we hold our values high in all that we do. We believe these values are what differentiate us and allow us to provide a superior service to our customers, as well as fostering an ideal working environment for our team. A fine example of this is our recent work in Karratha, where one of our Project Managers noted the ways in which our team are living out some of these values daily.


Respect & Pride

Respect is paramount in all of our dealings with staff, contractors and clients, and we celebrate diversity among these groups. As an equal opportunity employer and an advocate for diversity in the workplace, we encourage our staff to contribute their unique ideas and skills. In turn, we can see the effective utilisation of our people and their capabilities bring success in our projects. Pictured below we have our amazing WA team showing us and the industry how to encourage and support diversity on the job site, the right way, all day long.


Bold & Brave

We’re all about innovation and making bold decisions, and the initiatives of our WA team provide a fine example of this. The team have set up some fantastic systems on site such as the bespoke punch tool. This tool is used for punching holes upon the uni-strut sub framing, meaning no noise of drilling to the tenants below*. As the punch works off leverage, it’s less strength intensive, increasing the safety of this task. In addition to this, the team has been using the jig to speed up panel laying. These are great initiatives by the Karratha team in terms of efficiencies and exemplify the boldness and bravery we regard so highly.

*The punch tool on Zone 3 is really impressive and it’s saved us potential headaches, through having had no noise complaints to date.


As an industry leader in commercial solar, we understand how essential it is that we live out our ethics and morals on a daily basis. In this way, we’re always thankful for the contributions and ongoing innovations our team provide and recognise the way these embody our values as a company.

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